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The time to UNITE, to SHARE, to SERVE and to see the change that needs to be, has COME.

As we awaken to the remembrance that we can heal the world, we also remember it is something that can only be achieved TOGETHER. For each one of us holds or hides inside our being, an essential part of the plan for universal peace.

Join the Social Allegiance for Inspired Action and help ignite extraordinary change.

Iparte's primary objective: To develop clear concise action plans that are practical, purposeful, effective and invoke positive change.

Iparte's primary principle: We are all equal and worthy of prosperity, peace, truth, and happiness. Iparte is member owned and operated. All decisions, actions and/or profits will be shared collectively and equally, and it is FREE to JOIN.

The Iparte name: The“I” in Iparte was chosen to signify UNITY, “I” meaning UNITED as ONE. "Parte" is borrowed from the Spanish word meaning SHARE. “I SHARE” is the vibe and vision of this site.

Iparte is a neutral medium in which to explore, embrace and find common ground among ALL religions, beliefs systems, political agendas, ideologies etc… We encourage everyone to go within and seek your own truth. If during your time on this website you come across something that does not resonate with you, we encourage you to set it aside without judgment or condemnation, for “when you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself”. - Wayne Dyer.

Join the Social Allegiance for Inspired Action.