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    Also, an admin at runescape community borught up a good point. "Also, on the subject of Wikipedia only linking to the allegedly 'high traffic' fan sites ("Fan sites with most traffic") the stats are flawed! Those stats are based off Alexa ranking. And Alexa ranking is VERY FLAWED. Also, Alexa rank can be easily faked. I can put up lots of 'Alexa Toolbar' adverts on Zybez and RSC; get people to download it and our Alexa rank will skyrocket.

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    When the 10th Squad of the Royal Guard loses contact, they are deemed missing. King Narnode Shareen had sent them to oversee the Gnome owned shipbuilding facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja and they haven't been heard from or seen.He needs your help finding and bringing them back home safely, assuming they haven't met a terrible fate.

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