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  • One of the two convicted killers who escaped in early June from a maximum runescape gold security prison in northern New York, setting off a three week manhunt, conducted a dry run of the breakout the night before they fled, two officials with knowledge of the matter said.The escaped inmate, David Sweat, who was shot and taken into custody on Sunday,

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    Online gamers are MacGyvers of murder. There is nothing they can't improvise into death and grief, an art perfected by Fansy the Famous when he inverted a rule preventing high level players from bullying beginners into genocide. The Sullon Zek server was an infamous "no rules" haven of exploits until Fansy made it cry uncle.

    Spillane is a little surprised at all the attention this story had received. He says removing objects from patients' lungs happens frequently. "A week later [after Sveden's surgery], I pulled a tooth out [of another patient]. A rogue cooking oil drum4. A misguided attempt to hoover car park tickets off the screen5. A toddler's temper tantrum6.

    The Pay to Pk Riot occurred primarily in World 66, although there were many other riots occurring at the same time or soon after, some of the more significant including the Mod Hasmo Riot in World 18 and the Unbalanced Trade Riot in World 1. It should also be noted that the riot's name is somewhat misleading, and that many other subjects were brought up besides pking. The riot turned into a mass purchase of pink gnome robes, if you're wondering how things turned out..

    that many player in fact i would on be about 2.5 million to 3 million. (joshua fletcher) source gaming websites world of warcraft eve onlineI'm trying to find a source for the information on the first paragraph onRuneScapeInteraction. Can this particular piece of information be verified? Ed Cmo ests? 15:06, 5 March 2007 (UTC).

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