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  • I also see issues with how that multiclass is split up. until you hit level 20, you going to have a lot of runescape 2007 gold awkward points where your character simply isn working how you intend it to, unless you bringing this into a level 20 one shot. where are you planning on taking the fighter levels? are you going to mix things together to get certain things early, say ranger 5, rogue 3, fighter 2,

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    back to ranger for a few levels, back to finish off rogue, then tail off in ranger, or are you going to just go straight ranger for 11, straight rogue for 7, and then end off with 2 fighter? you not going to have the core of the build up and running until probably level 10 at the earliest (5 ranger for extra attack, 3 rogue for assassinate, 2 fighter for action surge), and that a long time to wait while your character may not be really functioning as you had imagined.

    What you say about surprise rules is definitely true. Assuming none of the other players do what your hypothetical barbarian does, I can partially mitigate their potentially weak stealth abilities with pass without a action surge isn really necessary, it just stronger than two extra levels in Assasin or deep stalker. Also, action surge gets stronger after extra attack at level 5 anyway

    As for the multiclass levelling split, that is an issue with this build. Firstly, I now planning on using a slightly modified version of the suggestion of one of the other commenter and going ranger 6/fighter 2/rogue 12. We starting at level 3, so I could start ranger 2 rogue 1. A key early game power point is ranger 3 rogue 3, so I would probably go for that first.

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