Rocket Alliance is alleged Bonbon Corn

  • Next week, added absolutely on October 17, 2017 at 2 o'clock in the morning in German-speaking countries, the Rocket Alliance Halloween Adapted starts for the aboriginal time: Haunted Hallows Rocket League Crates. Ends the abhorrent accident on November 6 at 19 clock. The new Halloween bill in the car brawl bold Rocket Alliance is alleged Bonbon Corn. These are becoming alone by amphitheatre online matches during the event. Neither with in-game bill nor with complete money you can buy bonbon corns.

    To redeem the alarming candied cash, just bang on the "Special Event" button in the capital menu. From actuality you can barter Bonbon Corns for Halloween items, apprenticed "Haunted Hallows" boxes, and decoders that accessible the boxes. During the accident you can absorb Bonbon Corns Rocket League Keys. The bill expires one ceremony afterwards Haunted Hallows is over. However, items purchased with Bonbon Corns will abide in annual consistently and will not expire.