Traditional flooring products distribution

  • Traditional flooring products distribution

    consumers. At the same time, the company’s products also require personality. According to industry insiders, the homogenization of the flooring industry has been more serious. After repeated propaganda on the types of wood and applicable functions, selling points have been few. The introduction of parquet flooring can satisfy some owners’ needs for individual materials. Also reflects the company's design and production capabilities.

    Designers also play a boosting role in this trend. The search for fresh materials by designers also promotes the development of parquet flooring.At this stage, due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials and continued vicious market price competition, the flooring industry has bid farewell to the era of profiteering, and the profit growth of flooring companies has tended to be flat. Why does this happen? Flooring companies do

    not elaborate on market development. The principle that consumers buy flooring products is the principle of proximity. Buying in a casual building materials market is not related to the fact that the flooring industry has not cultivated professional markets. Traditional flooring products distribution center is no systematic marketing strategy and the lack of relevant regional protection? A stable price system is beyond discussion. Once a

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