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  • So there is a legacy issue that is in EVERY CFM ALSO IT REALLY ANNOYS ME!! I've reported it each year and ask in the Dev section if at all ever going to always be fixed... but sadly, it has not already been fixed in CFM intended for Madden NFL 17.


    When a coach is fired or retires in NFL 17 PS4 Coins, the owner has to employ a new coach. If the coach is really a real life existing coach, when hired, they bring their playbooks along with schemes and change every one of the player archetypes to their particular types. However, when a CPU earned Coach is hired, they bring their schemes and copy various motor coachs playbooks. They also move players immediately geared to their scheme (i. e. if changing from any 3-4 to 4-3 move the pass rush LB's to help DE and 3-4 DE's to DT).


    What the new COMPUTER coach doesn't do is change the ball player archetypes from the preceding real coach! Therefore after moving the actual 3-4 LB to DE your archetype at DE remains to be a 3-4 Run-stuffer, therefore the Physical, Intangible and Size ratings are all wrong!


    To counter this, I would advise converting Coach Firing to away from. At Wildcard Weekend, if you believe a coach deserves to be fired (bad months etc) or retires anyway, create a new character on the coach you want shooting and “Demand Release”. You can then either retire the coach un-hired as well as keep controlling the coach to choose your new destination. Another alternative is to create an owner, fire the coach and hire the latest one for yourself, but as soon since you relinquish the owner, they will be locked from use forever.


    To avoid this, if a new group hires a CPU trainer that changes defensive scheme (and it bugs you), you can create a character for the new coach (change the players to their original position) in addition to demand release again (really needs to be before advancing from the actual Superbowl) and hope the proprietor hires a 2nd coach with the correct defensive scheme. Even if the team hasn't hired the next coach before Free company starts, they will still try and sign players according to the previous real coaches archetypes.


    2rd Alternative is 32-team control with the coaches, then you can established whatever player archetypes you desire and then turn autopilot about.


    If any of the actual Developers or Game Changers actually read this, can we please (at some point at least) get this patched, it would be thus awesome for CPU coaches to set full schemes as that breaks immersion otherwise.


    UPDATE: This can be achieved at any point throughout CFM from site . If you don't such as a new CPU coach or you need to fire a coach midseason intended for poor performance, create a new Coach to the team, instantly retire that created coach and also the team will have fired the previous CPU coach and used a new one out from the Available Coaches pool. If you don't such as new new CPU guru, create another Coach, rinse and repeat. Eventually the team will hire a new coach with a structure you like/think fits or they're going to hire a Real Coach who had been fired from another team.