The Best PoE Tips for Chieftain Bow-Wielding Blade Vortex Leagu

  • Since BV got buffed considerably, I'm most likely going for Chieftain. The bow choice is because you can get easy 80%+ spell damage thanks to essences, as well as a 6L on top of Kaom's Heart. The Signal Fire as quiver gives you 100% fire conversion as well, which is pretty cool. Anyway, I'm not too worried about the build's capabilities for Uber Lab, or red maps, but I'm concerned about Guardians, Shaper, and Uber Elder.



    Some pointers if anyone is kind enough to draft a PoB:


    • Bow with 80%+ spell damage, essence-crafted
    • Quiver is either [[The Signal Fire]] or a rare one
    • Chest would probably be [[Kaom's Heart]]
    • Main spell is [[Blade Vortex]], used both for clearing and boss-killing
    • The build would most likely be crit-based, although it could also be [[Elemental Overload]]
    • [[Elemental Equilibrium]] is definitely an option, although I'm not sure which spell/attack hits often enough so it can be applied to all of Blade Vortex's hits
    • [[Blood Magic]] doesn't seem necessary but could be useful, although [[Hatred]] + [[Determination]]/[[Herald of Ash]]/[[Herald of Ice]]/other would probably be better
    • Probably not [[Vaal Pact]] because the node is pretty far, and it'd be throwing away all the regeneration provided by Chieftain.
    • [[Righteous Fire]] is possible as a spell damage more multiplier. The regen on the build should be pretty high, with a 4% purity of fire + endu charges it should be enough.


    That's all the important things I can think off. I wonder how powerful this can get with reasonable gear, and if the defenses are enough for endgame content. I'll draft a PoB tonight if I have some time, but would be greatly thankful if someone else did it. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe currency buy cheap.