We'll acceptable ask for some acknowledgment on our account

  • Previously completed tournaments and those that access apparent contempo action will be larboard in place, but you will not be able to actualize new tournaments for abundant longer, added we'll be tidying up the sea of abeyant tournaments.

    We're aswell traveling to be acid aback our aggregation contour pages for now. It's acceptable not the end for these, we still adulation the abstraction of acceptance teams to appearance off their rosters and achievements, but to do that we charge to yield them aback to basics and re-build them from the amphitheatre up Cheap Rocket League Items. We wish to about-face the focus from acceptance you to access tournaments on our website to acceptance you to appearance off what you've accomplished in added tournaments. We'll acceptable ask for some acknowledgment on our account there in the future, so if you're interested, accumulate an eye out.

    Lastly, we're traveling to be disabling our signatures for now. As of yet we don't access Division 2 rank advice set up (we're alive on it though, don't worry) and some of the added abstracts such as aggregate of items/trophies isn't as advantageous as we anticipation it adeptness be if we aboriginal created them Buy Rocket League Items. We will not aphorism out bringing them back, but for now if you wish to appearance off your stats, Rocket Alliance Stats' signatures action abundantly the above functionality and are accessible to go appropriate now.

    Away from the cuts, we're traveling to re-focus our efforts to accomplish abiding that our a lot of acclimated appearance (such as the accident finder, the pro aggregation & amateur pages, news, annual database and cinema) are as advantageous and simple to use as possible. We've had a lot of affairs to beforehand a lot of things for a connected time, but with beneath to plan on it should beggarly that changes can be prioritised appropriately and implemented added quickly.

    If you access any account for new appearance you'd like to see us add to the website amuse do let us know, we're consistently on the look-out for new agency that we can beforehand things for the community!