Accept a complete Rocket Alliance Halloween

  • Psyonix, a developer of the Rocket League, will launch a selection of free items to celebrate Halloween. From October 18 you can download new items, including a new Bone King Topper, an "adorable" Ghost spirit and a Fuzzy Skull- as well as the chance to have Halloween 2015 items. "Our new Bone King Topper is perfect for those who need a little more scares in their life," Devin Connors said on the official website, "while the Ghost is a spirit so ambrosial that Ghostbusters would not want to catch you Buy Rocket League Items.For your antenna this year, we have the Fuzzy Skull, which will scare your opponents while destroying them on the court, and the Netherworld Rocket Accession will make your opponents in the macabre dust! " . You have until November 1 to make these items yours, although you must be fast, - after all, the items of 2015 "will go forever."

    Halloween komt eraan en dat zullen we weten ook! In The Elder Scrolls Online in Overwatch doet ook de immens populaire autootjesvoetbalgame Rocket Alliance een duit in het griezelige zakje. Net als vorig jaar kun je ook nu weer een paar speciale items scoren voor op je wagentje Cheap Rocket League Items. Accept a complete Rocket Alliance Halloween!