One of the best in the world at Dibara

  • Tottenham coach Pochettino praised Juventus Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online striker Dibara in an interview.

    Tottenham will be in the Champions League knockout against Juventus, but the media previously reported that Juventus striker Dibala injury healed, he may miss the game with Tottenham. To this Tottenham coach Pochettino said in an interview: "I think Dibala will certainly be promptly restored, I also hope he can do this, because the best players in the world and always good fight."

    "Dibara has extraordinary talent so I see him as the best in the world and even though he can bring a lot of trouble to his opponent, I also want to see him on the court because it's really good to watch him play Not bad. "

    In addition to Dibala, Barzagli may also miss the game with Tottenham, and Matuti, Kuduledo and Heweides will certainly be absent.