Tyrone has said that the two giants have 2k vc to play

  • Tyrone has said that the two giants have two to 2k vc, the knight has a great 2k vc can win the game. So if only one person can play it? Knight today really caught in such a situation. James's play is still stable, but the team could not help the Pacers outside the line, was Teague, Seraphim and others who hit one after another, Knight feel bad, Owen and Carrefour can not find quasi-heart - In fact, the whole game, Owen 17 vote only 4, Carrefour is only 12 cast 4. Section II, the situation is still no improvement. James is still making his own nba 2k17 coins kaufen, in the sudden foreign investment and assists outside. The first half, James scored 13 points and seven rebounds and five assists, three data are the highest team, and 2k vc after another in the playoffs rebounds over Wes - Angerside ranked seventh, the playoffs The total score beyond Kobe Bryant - Bryant ranked third. But to no avail, teammates continue to one after another, the 2k vc line leak, attack foul, was blocked ... ... only halftime, the knight to 49-74 behind the Pacers 25 points, the scene of the confusion, the team's downturn, So that a defeat seems to have been irreversible irreversible. And James knows that everything is not to give up when everything is too late to change. If the finals 1-3 backward situation they can survive, then what is now behind what? At this nba 2k buy vc, the points difference is not important.