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  • May 19, according to the score reported that the buy mt Raptors general manager Marseille - Mei Jie Li responded to the buy mt Kyle - Lori do not want to stay in Toronto rumors, he was in the interview that rumors are purely fictitious. "I can only say that our job is to bring this player (Lori) back," Ujie Li recently said in an interview, "This is my job, I just want to ask him (rumors) Where did you get this buy mt, or why did not you add a name to it (the source)? Why is it just saying 'source'? Last year we saw the same 'source' (The same situation) Kyle (Lori) in the past two or three years is also often encountered, this is simply too old-fashioned. " Then, Ujie Li also once again expressed hope that Lori stay buy mt, he believes that Lori and Toronto this land has forged a deep feeling. "I think Kyle (Lori) would like to stay here," Ujie said, "and I think his wife likes it here, and his children 's life here is very smooth. Lori last week officially announced the jump out of his old contract to become a completely free agent. The regular season of the season, he played a total of 60 times on behalf of the Raptors, averaging 22.4 points and 4.8 rebounds and 7 assists. According to the score, Utah Jazz has made initial buy mt this coins nba 2k17, they returned to the playoffs after a lapse of four years, and also overturned his own season. Jazz general manager Dennis - Lindsay recently said that to maintain the existing lineup will be their integrity in the offseason this year, the primary task.