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  • Danny - Green said: "He (Leonard) looks good, he did not talk too nba mt coins.I also see Tony (Parker), he is also in the training hall, he looks good. Asked him to restore the situation, he said that has been in strength to practice these guys are step by step to nba mt coins. "Beijing time on May 19, the best team this season announced this morning, after last year, the Warriors Kevin - Durant Re-elected two sets. This is his seventh career nba mt coins for the best team, of which 5 times is a while. Now Leonard has replaced Adu, become the new darling of the league. "It 's clear that I think I'm a player, but if you do not get into it, you can not put everyone in for a while, and that' s all that way, everyone is looking at the data. With Adu, Curry was only selected for the second nba mt coins. Adu said: "I do not even know what the selection criteria, there are three pairs of players, it is difficult to exclude him, especially now this time. Reporters if you do not choose so many players, may be in the social media They will be sprayed and their pressure is great. Warriors and the Spurs will be the third game on the 21st, Durant is likely to once again fight against Leonard. Warriors are now leading the big score 2-0. Beijing time on May 19, according to the score reported that the NBA official today announced the buy 2k coins of the annual best team of 15 players, the results of this season's outstanding performance of the Timberwolves striker Carl - Anthony - Downs was not elected. After learning of the news, the 21-year-old young man did not cover up his disappointment, he made his own Ins map, suspected dissatisfaction with the nba mt coins of the selection. Beijing time on May 19, ESPN news, due to unsuccessful this year's best team, Pacers Paul - George and Jazz core Gordon - Hayward have missed the signing of 5 years $ 200 million contract opportunities.