the Grizzlies continue to unbeaten record

  • In addition, the second grade the Wing Tai - Davis off the bench, also contributed 16 points and four rebounds, under the guidance of the iron triangle, the Grizzlies continue to remain unbeaten record. The sun, the fourth show Josh - Jackson today flat, only 13 points and eight rebounds and 2 steals, Dragan - Bender to get 20 points and seven rebounds and five nba 2k18 buy myteam points, defender Mike - James is to get 32 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists and 3 steals, Marquez - Chris ankle sprain only played 8 minutes to withdraw from the game in advance. Two in the game which have a wonderful performance, 21.8 seconds before the whistle, James's three-pointers to help the sun chase the score 98 level. After that, is Baldwin that quasi-lore. The last moment, the sun had the opportunity to tie the, but James last 1.3 seconds pass out of bounds, can only take foul tactics, Dylan - Brooks made two free throws, to seal the victory. The next eight battle, the Grizzlies will meet with the Heat narrowly. Full match, the two sides failed to pull the score, the performance of the game eye-catching Fred - Van Fleet 2 buy 2k18 myteam points before the whistle layup to help the Raptors will catch the score 82-83. Nick - Johnson jumper, points difference opened to 3 points, back to the first Van Fritte was opponents steals, then missed another jumper, but Stokes grabbed the rebounds to make the hit, while causing West Carm foul , Hit one-third succeeded, the score opened to 88-82.