Columns: Scions, Beta Info & Designing the Next Expansion Q&A

  • With the closed beta for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath ready to kick off literally within days, GGG is working hard to get things squared away. They took the time to answer a few of our questions about changes coming to the Scion Ascendancy, the upcoming CBT and how the team plans for the next expansion. See what they had to say in our latest Exiled Tribune!
    One of the things the devs have been brilliant about as The Fall of Oriath expansion nears is actually showing off new locations and monsters coming. This week they really outdid themselves with a trio of neat videos about points players can look forward to.
    One of the classes that will be seeing a number of significant changes is the Scion, with particular regard to the Ascendant, the Scion's Ascendancy.
    Almost the entire Ascendant tree has changed. With the defining features of other Ascendancy classes available and able to be paired with each other, this should increase the power of the Ascendant to be more comparable with other courses and enable some previously never before seen combinations.
    While it's largely the passives changing, the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive skills so that players may gain an immediate increase in power when taking these points.
    We asked for a bit of clarification about why the changes were necessary and what player's can expect in terms of making the Ascendant a stronger overall class.
    MMORPG: Some big changes are incoming for the Scion Ascendancy. You indicate that this is being done to bring the class much more "on-par with other classes". How was it not measuring up to others?
    GGG: The Scion Ascendancy is very different from other ascendancy lessons. It takes features from each of the other ascendancy classes, but you only have access to two. Previously, these features were a sample of some of the more interesting abilities, but not necessarily the most powerful abilities. This gave the actual Scion fewer truly exceptional effects when compared with any other ascendancy class. We've included more powerful, more signature effects from each of the instructional classes on each of the course passives to fix this. The scion also received less stat value from small points,poe Chaos Orb so we've included additional unaggressive points that will let you take more nodes in the regular inerte tree to compensate.