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  • The best way to get a feel for how the GO economy works is by looking through your own demos and seeing exactly how your opponents often spend their cash. When you reach a higher rank you lmost all notice that your opponents and your teammates the actual unwritten economy rules a lot more closely, increasing the accuracy with which you can estimate your own opponent s equipment. Map knowledge is a little harder to develop because of the sheer number of roadmaps you have to study. Another reason why map information isn t learned as quickly because economic knowledge is the fact that you have to learn 2 different sides of the map equally well. Take the time to go through the learning process map for map and don t worry about losing a couple games as you learn. Take it through StarCraft veteran WhiteRa: more GG, more skill. Pre-aiming is the art of aiming at locations where you expect opponents to be playing from before you ve actually observed them,

    allowing you to shoot them immediately rather than having to snap your own crosshair onto all of them. I ve pointed out watching demos several times as a way to improve your gamesense. There s a very good reason why I believe demos are such an priceless part of refining this particular part of your skillset. It s difficult to give you one way to transform your gamesense that will work for every player at every rank. Playstyles just differ too much to write one guide that covers all the bases. If you ve actually seen a high-ranked player fail horribly at smurfing on the lower ranks, Buy csgo skins with paypal you ll know what We m talking about. High-ranked players expect their own opponents to adopt the playstyle they understand how to counter because everybody on their rank is playing that style. When those gamers then play against people of a reduced rank, it takes all of them time to get used to their own opponents not defending bombsites from the optimum positions, making it challenging to pre-aim when trying an entry. This particular knowledge, combined with your own newfound economic understanding, grants you unique clairvoyant powers

    The only real truly reliable way to get a real knowledge of how people at the rank are playing is by viewing your own demos. Who better to show you exactly how your opponents play than your opponents? If this is your very first time attempting to improve through watching your demos, here s some advice. You lmost all want to start by finding a demo of a near game. You lso are not going to learn anything from viewing a game where you had been on fire the entire period, dropping 50 frags and getting knife eliminates every other round. A person ll also have a hard time finding flaws in your game when your opponents were much better than you and you lost without winning a single round. A game where you hardly lost is great for learning purposes. You were matched against a team of nearly equal ability and were simply unable to pull out the actual victory. Watching the actual replay will let you realise why. Let s begin by looking at your terrorist side. Compare your own buying choices on the pistol round with ourpistol guide after which look at the angles your own opponents were holding. If you spot a position you ve in no way seen before, pay attention to it and proceed