There are lots of new features

  • There are lots of new features you can enjoy. Come to take part in old school Midsummer Event to have a few fun. If you need inexpensive old school rs gold, RSorder is always here for you. Prior to June 30, 2014 GMT, you are able to purchase runescape 07 inexpensive gold with free 10% bonus and extra 6% coupon. Performing before it’s as well late! Whoa, weekend is coming again! Let's see what can get this weekend. Well, RSorder has prepared triple reward points for rs precious metal buying, which will be ended at 03: 00 AM on June 28, 2014 GMT though. Note that RSorder 10% free reward and 6% additional coupon on rs gold will also be ended on Jun. 30, 2014 GMT. In addition , Jagex has also prepared some Spring Cleaner for you in runescape Treasure Hunter. Enjoy the weekend! Spring Cleaner is a marvel of gnomish ingenuity as well as efficiency.

    You can carry it with you when you fight NPCs to break straight down selected drops into their raw materials and bank the materials instantly. On the one hand, you are able to uncover a Treasure Seeker chest from 01: 00 BST upon 27th June till 00: 59 upon 1st July. However, you can recharge your Spring Cleaner as well as continue breaking down your drops during that time. As the second round of RSorder Summer Flash Sale, you will see totally 500M RS3 gold for you to take up. That means each of you will have the chance to obtain 5M RS3 precious metal for free. Before the start of the flash sale, remaining our Flash Sale page early will certainly win a huge opportunity. Buy RS Gold When the time goes to zero on the countdown, quickly hit “Join Now”. The second round of RSorder Summer Flash Sale with regard to totally 500M RS3 gold giveaway is going to be started at 03: 00 AM upon July 04, 2014 GMT. Mark the actual date to gain free gold for yourself.

    Do not miss all of those benefits for your runescape. The whole summer is yours! Also, don’t overlook RSorder Summer Party. There will be more special offers for you in the near future. Stay tuned! As we all know, rs elf city is within the design right now. Depending on your feedback, generally there recently is a listing of changes to Ithell and Amlodd about the design of the Elf City. On the way of runescap Elf City, it's now the best time to prepare some inexpensive rs gold for a long shot. First of all, there will be an added NPC to the area that is trying to gather crystal seeds. You are able to industry a dragon pickaxe/dragon hatchet and a amount of crystal seeds along with him to gain the crystal pickaxe/crystal hatchet. Secondly, the crystal hatchet and crystal pickaxe will be added to the rs toolbelt. Although they cannot break down or trade, you should have twice the chance of gaining shattered cardiovascular and golden destroyed heart rocks from runescape crystal trees and shrubs and the Seren Stones