A New World of Choice - Types of Intimate Lingerie

  • While originally being invented as purely as a Face Slimming , the creation and sale of lingerie has gone on to become a major industry that is a force to be reckoned with. Today with the immense variety of styles and purposes, Lingerie is diverse in its nature.

    One use of lingerie that has taken the world by storm is as intimate apparel. Looking attractive has after all always been an important aspect for women throughout history and this is a trend that is unlikely to ever go away.

    Intimate apparel Latex Waist Wrainer has become a prominent industry with a varied type of items including babydolls, gowns, corsets, match sets and of course costumes. These different types all generate a different effect and are based on the preferences of both men and women.

    Babydolls are a short negligee or night dress that features formed cups that lad in to a loose fitting dress of sorts. The length of this dress can extend anywhere between the belly button and hips. The overall effect created is one of strong feminity laced with a strong alluring appeal that is popular with many women.

    The corset is yet another interesting piece of intimate apparel that enjoy a strong level of popularity. They are based on a dress type of the same name that was popular during Victorian times that was famous for its flattering of the female figure. But the corset was also associated with strong physical discomfort that it caused in generating an hourglass figure. Fortunately modern day corsets are completely comfortable and yet still managed to have the same effect. It is important to note that while the traditional corset was a full length dress, corsets in terms of intimate lingerie tend only to have the top bodice section.