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  • One wow gold man died when he suffered a heart attack as his family was stranded in their car in almost 2 feet of snow on Interstate 5.

    Revisiting a tragedy that became a 'miracle'

    December 25, 2009 By Dan Simmons

    In one of my last memories before the truck hit, I was in the driver's seat of my mother's Honda Civic, stuck in an 8 foot snowdrift on a rural Iowa highway. The wind was screaming across the fields, spawning tornadoes of snow. I had been heading to Minneapolis to catch a flight the next day. But the blizzard cut visibility to 10 feet, at most. Then the drift swallowed my car. A stranger knocked on my window. "I'll try to push you out from behind," he said. They run the Gains Through Gaming Lab , which examines how the playing of video games improves cognitive ability in older adults. Joji Iwama, 27, who said he had listened apprehensively on a portable radio to details of the soldiers' deaths and his owned stalled rescue efforts, was found on Mt. Ruapehu, 200 miles north of Wellington.'Cyclone' hits several Midwestern states with tornadoes, snow

    A blizzard, thunderstorms and tornadoes up to two miles wide were part of a large storm system hitting several Midwestern states Friday, with forecasters expecting a wet, windy weekend. The thunderstorms and tornadoes centered over western Iowa developed from two opposing forces: a strong, warm jet stream coming off the Plains and a cold front from the West, which spawned a blizzard that had already dumped almost 3 feet of snow in several parts of Wyoming and South Dakota. The storm proved a major disruption, with above ground subways and buses in the Washington area shutting down and stores closing en masse in the face of a storm destined to go down as one of the major snowfalls in the area's history. Prices are down a total of 24 cents over the last six weeks. The highest average? San Francisco, at $3.57 . . . . Snow is anticipated from New Mexico into Kansas through Tuesday, with blizzard conditions possible. The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings across portions of northeastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and northern Texas . . . . Southern California mountains are expecting clear skies and typical temps for this time of year, through Christmas Day .
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