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  • The time to UNITE, to SHARE, to SERVE and to see the change that needs to be, has COME.

    As we awaken to the remembrance that we can heal the world, we also remember it is something that can only be achieved TOGETHER. For each one of us holds or hides inside our being, an essential part of the plan for universal peace.

    From The Awakening Trilogy

    “1) We through our current motivation of self-gain are the only engines driving our current systems and, therefore, we hold the power to stop it.

    2) Our current system of self-service is unsustainable, and is presently leading us on a path of inevitable e destruction.

    3)The only way that we may divert our current course is to unite, and thereby lend each other the necessary support to make the switch from living for the self, to living for the peace and harmony of all.“

    Today is 2/16/11. This page was created to encourage communication regarding the issues that face our world so that we may unite and develop practical solutions. Your feedback will help shape the content and subjects this website will focus on in the coming weeks and months.

    If you have heard the call for action, please join the discussions and help us identify the problems that face our world. The time for talk alone, is done. It is time to create the world we want... TOGETHER.

    Please share below or start a discussion regarding the issues you feel threaten our world and how you feel we might overcome these issues?

    Please don't be shy about sharing your opinions. You matter and we care.

  • 2/16/11 at 2:00 PM -
    12/21/12 at 2:00 PM
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