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    Most of the learning challenges we observe today are due to the fundamentals of the educational system, which are based on memorizing through repetition. The OMnium Learning Method is based on the principle of universal coherence which allows all consciousness to interact with all forms of data available organically. This experiential learning process allows the transfer of information into the entire physical brain rather than through the cognitive and analytical parts of the brain (partial linear learning) or through repetition (rote learning).
    Caroline will introduce this new paradigm of learning and teaching and will share practical tools for parents and teachers to begin utilizing this approach.

    In Part I of the OMnium Educational System series, we discuss the difference between the old and the new paradigm principles of teaching and learning as well as the basic premise, dynamics and mechanics of the OMnium learning method.

    Knowledge of the OMnium method as shared in the Healers Program Series and the MHM course is beneficial to fully grasp the concepts discussed in this course.

    Please note, this course is offered free of charge when attended live or replayed within 24 hours. Beyond this point, there will be a cost associated with the archived sessions.

    TIME: 12:00PM EST

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    Caroline Cory
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