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    February 21, Tuesday, 6:00pm PST

    The transition we have long been anticipating is now occurring.

    * What does the return of the Christed Energy to the planet really mean?

    * How is life going to change in 2012? What new experiences lie before us?

    * What do we need to know about this coming year?

    JOAN WALKER is one of those quiet individuals who came to the planet with a task to fulfill. Since 2005 she and Jim Self of www.MasteringAlchemy.com have been building a body of information directed and instructed by the Higher Dimensional consciousness and spoken by the Archangels and Ascended Masters. As they have explained, this is the information that will bring the higher spiritual knowledge and science into our conscious understanding. Joan has been the physical channel for this information and at 11-11-11 was the physical body that Jesus/Jeshua/Sananda came through to bring the Christed Light back on to the Planet.

    In this edition of Conversation With... Joan is going to channel this Higher Collective conscious to speak to the “Shift” as it is now unfolding and affecting every human being on the planet in 2012.

    Please join us… http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=900#Player
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    2/21/12 at 7:30 PM
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