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    April 2, 2011 4:56 PM EDT
    They're all still under the Crown. A republic is a commonwealth and all commonwealths are under the Crown.

    Everybody today whether they recognize it or not acts as though they are under the Magna Carta, The problem with that is the Magna Carta was signed under duress...

    When the Founders declared Independence, they fought a war and incurred a debt. They borrowed 20 million libre tornum from the France. After the war what happened? French were at war with Brittan too and the French lost. So who owes their debt now? The same guy the revolutionaries tried to separate from so the King still owned the debt of the Colonies.

    The New History of America -part1
    Dependence Day

    All the nations on the planet operate in what is called the International Public Order, they treat treaty with one another. What agreements are on the table is why the world is the way it is. And any agreements on someone elses table, to which none of us have first hand knowledge, because we're all down here fighting to be citizens... There's not really any way to tell unless you operate in the private, in the international venue.

    It's a lot easier to read treaty than it is to know every law they create for you to follow.

    Hegemony we see today is mostly contract enforcement.

    Look, if you're a royal and you just want to separate yourself from the rabble below... You create a government and let the people think they control it. Now you have a shield from the public to which you never have interact directly and thus the politician "running" the scam for you, take all the heat.
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    April 2, 2011 5:02 PM EDT
    Gwen Ceylon said:
    Although I was thinking, if US Citizens are slaves to the UK, then we must be slaves of slaves. Because there's another theory about how the whole human race is slaves of the Anunnaki - the beings that planet hopped the last time their planet Nibiru passed near Earth. Also up until we abolished slavery in the US - there were slaves of slaves of slaves. Uh, where do these theories come from and where does this stuff end? I mean really. LOL

    So when you have a bunch of slave and put them in control of the other slaves and you have agreements as to how you're going to govern over these slaves. Then someone on your team, say a President, starts putting your agreements at risk and threaten to take you all down. Then he's got to go. and that's just what they did with the Kennedys. Power never leaves the Posterity and they will kill their own to protect what they have. To not dishonor their agreements. With whomever it may be, however I will say, all roads lead to Rome.


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    April 2, 2011 5:06 PM EDT
    Well Im on the right track because I understand everything you have just stated. :) Keep the links and videos coming, I always take time to watch them. BTW are we linked on youtube wise one I think we might be.
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    April 2, 2011 5:14 PM EDT
  • April 2, 2011 5:22 PM EDT
    @Absalom; My second oldest brother (Dante) thinks and acts exactly like you Absalom:) same level of egotism, same rhetoric. He claims to have all the solutions, and he thinks he is the only one that has them. He always challenges me to do things his way but he always looses. I think the way I see it, every one of us can provide with solutions if we really want to...the question always jumps when is time to provide what you have promised. In my case mathematically speaking, I have developed a logical way to see things in a different level, I can see how thinks work and/or I can see how they can work. I know about peoples needs, I know about people from every race and business level. We all speak the same language, the language of logic and business sense. In regards my position and thinking status to make this happen…I don’t even worry about it, 99% its already happening…my concept is only 1%, the other 99% is the people.
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    April 2, 2011 6:05 PM EDT
    Hold on, you've been dismissing me since you showed up...

    Ego? Don't strawman me with your brother, I ain't him. But if you'd like I'd debate him too. You asked me what the solution is, and I told you, and now you refuse to take anything I've said to heart. Don't come at me this ego crap... I would rather you figure it out yourself even put out enough material for anyone to figure it out for themselves but if you want Betty Crocker solution, put in the microwave 1-2-3, you're lost...

    I'm not one dragging the studies here. you got something for me that debunks what I'm saying then put it out there, but don't do it from a position of ignorance, because ignorance is never an excuse and it won't fly. You want proof? It's all around you if you look, but if your own misgivings obviously block this from happening. Then who is being double minded? Who is practicing duality? Who is waving their ego around? I'm not trying to arrogant here but I come across a lot of people that make a lot of claims and they never address any of the stuff I put up that clearly destroys whatever fallacy it is they think to be true.

    The Right of Self Determination is all about the people, the individuals, and it totally depends on your ability to think clearly since no one else can think for you. Well they can but you won't like and in fact that is what we have today. People who don't think clearly as you yourself have stated. But what make you think you're different? Others have taken the time to study and read. But have you? Show me. Because by this thread alone I'm not convinced. I'm not convince you've read your history or even so much as followed any of the links posted here.

    If you're having such a hard time wrapping your head around this concept and dealing with just me, you don't stand a chance out there in consensus realityland. You better toughen up if you intend to face a candid world. I've doing this since about 07 so there is nothing anyone can even say that I haven't heard before. So you can make up whatever excuses you want to. You might hate me for this but too, due diligence means something to me and if you're not doing, it's blatantly obvious to those who do theirs.

    Look, all i want you to do is better. But If you're so repugnant to what I'm saying then why did you ask? Then to claim you see how things work but you can't see how this works... What are you doing over there?
  • April 2, 2011 6:29 PM EDT
    Remember that you both only want what's best, so you're coming from the same place of the heart. However, what's best for you may not be what's best or even right for another. Historically, solutions for the masses fail on one or more points because they do not take into account this concept. Remember your perceived separation is an illusion.
  • April 2, 2011 7:04 PM EDT
    @Absalom: Im not dismissing you 100% I agree with some of your statements. I just don’t believe you will be successful fighting through those channels. If you are claiming that you know about law. Please tell me what’s the legal status of the FBI, IRS, and CIA.
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    April 2, 2011 7:16 PM EDT
    I posted videos on this, you should check 'em out. Don't ask me when you don't really want to know. If you did, you'd go l0ok it up. But seriously, for years i get ridiculousness like this right here where I have gone and done even more study to come back to room full of ignorance. There is no need to make me go do your homework. That's not taking personalty responsibility, that's not self determined. Don't test me boy, go test yourself. Seriously, because I'm not jumping threw your hoops or crossing your bridge to nowhere.

    Like I said before, we're all still waiting for your plan.
  • April 2, 2011 7:45 PM EDT
    @Absalom: What videos? "The Matrix Videos" I love science fiction and that’s my favorite movie. I only see and pay attention to what I think is real constructive to my way of thinking. The question I've asked you I already know the answers, and I know lots of other unconstitutional stuff that most people don’t know or even think about it. I’m not in to that level of interest Absalom, to many people claims and claims but at the end everyone dies with their claims and nothing happens. Its more valuable an ignorant standing and fighting for what he believes is real than to many people that I know who claims they know the answers but don’t do any thing about it. Im not here to get peoples approval and/or looking for answers…I’m here to learn about people’s needs and interests. Peace:D
  • April 2, 2011 8:08 PM EDT
    Absalom had me going for a while there too until this stuff about people having no rights under the Constitution.

    The way it was originally written in 1787, he's right - other than "We the People" it doesn't mention the people at all. In fact, that's why George Mason, one of the original delegates refused to sign it - because it didn't mention the people, nor did it mention the abolition of slavery which is also what he wanted. Hence, the Bill of Rights - that was written two years later.

    Now I don't know all the circumstances around that one Case back in 1854 where the judge said private citizens have no rights - I have to read more. Perhaps it is a fluke - perhaps the judge was hitting the moonshine that day - maybe he just made a bad call - bad mood - didn't like the plaintiff - who knows. There's plenty examples of bad calls and there's plenty of other cases where people have either fought for or protected their rights under the Constitution. And, it's also looking like the Case was tried in the Supreme Court of Georgia - not the US Supreme Court - so that makes a whole lot of difference.

    So this is another one of those things certain people want to get riled up about much like the issue about not having to pay taxes because they say that legislation was never ratified.

    I also don't think any of this is grounds for building an argument for self-determination, and if you don't do that, than go on being a nation-slave forever you pathetic, weak-minded little whimp. :)

    I also don't buy the "go do your homework" then you'll know what I know stuff. That's always weak. People will say that as long as you continue to disagree with them or walk away cause you had enough.
  • April 2, 2011 8:22 PM EDT
    Hi Ben, in my view Absalom is not being unkind to Jesse Martinez, quite the opposite he has been incredibly helpful to him and does indeed offer a solution that is best for both of them, and indeed all of us. I was very disappointed to note that Jesse failed to follow the absolutely sound, indeed rigorous logic to the information provided to him. I wonder if he even knows what a 'strawman' is?

    Jesse offers a veiled solution as yet to be revealed, but it is one that he clearly admits is connected to the existing paradigm and system in the USA (with like variants for most of the world). That system is DOOMED and the USA is a zombie, walking dead. The USA is like a dinosaur shot in the heart. It is so big and so dumb that it's brain has failed to yet fully register that it is actually dead and needs to fall down in a heap. Building any solution around a business operating within the current US business and financial system is folly at best. The US Greenback will shortly be replaced as global reserve currency (likely by a raft of currencies incl. Yen & Euro) and the USA will enter a period of total meltdown, run-away inflation on a legendary degree. As was pointed out earlier Iparte would be wise to look at being registered for business abroad and have it's assets based in a foreign currency. My preference would be Switzerland and Swiss Francs. The place of preference in any times of financial upheaval.

    Absalom has clearly taken the time to investigate the legal prison in which we reside. Though I am in the UK and not the USA our situations are equally grim. After all both your laws and ours are currently operating under variants of British Naval Law. With natural persons, being talked of like ships, children being 'birthed' and having 'birth certificates' which include date of birth and weight at birth. That is legalese dealing with cargo ships full of saleable commodities not natural persons, actual human beings. We start our lives under this insane system and wander through much of it blind to the actual system we are in. We fail to realise that we are handing over personal power and sovereignty in so many of our daily transactions and interactions. Indeed the only way to fully evade this system in a workable manner is to replace it. The system is not designed to work well for individuals seeking to live natural free lives and interact in a balanced an fair way. The actual system is inherently bad which means that anyone operating it from the top is corrupt by default of the fact the system being run is corrupt itself. In the UK we are in a seemingly worse situation than our kin in the USA as we are actually all subjects to the queen by definition (I most certainly am not her subject!). Our government has to go to the queen for consultation over certain aspects of governance.

    I don't think it is fair to say that the USA is enslaved by Britain (UK) but rather it is enmeshed in a debilitating version of the English crowns archaic legal system one which was wholly designed to deal with subjects and serfs, vassals and vagabonds, not with natural persons holding the right to self governance and sovereignty.

    People need to free themselves body, mind and soul. Part of that is working together to usher in a real co-operative framework, a New World Order, but just one that is not evil like the elites would like.

    Incidentally Jesse would be well advised to be careful of accusing someone of being egotistical and then stating the following:

    "I can see how thinks work and/or I can see how they can work. I know about peoples needs, I know about people from every race and business level."

    One might suggest that reads as being incredibly prejudiced, egotistical and thoroughly ignorant. Actually though for me it was just clearly a cop out used to deflect from the obvious fact he failed to understand just how important the information provided by Absalom actually is. Some zany new business based on the current system and US dollars instantly pales in comparison to the true revolution required, the one Absalom points towards. Someone here needs a better poker face.
  • April 2, 2011 8:32 PM EDT
    Thanks for your thoughts, Bruce. My intention in posting was not to point fingers at either party, or any other party, but only to offer a bit of objective input as I have not taken part in this discussion. Rather than trying to prove that one side is right or wrong (which neither are as there is no right or wrong), perhaps moving forward in the discussion with the idea that each is coming from the same place, that each idea is valid in unique ways, that each party can learn from the other. That's all I meant, and all I offer! Light and love to you all.
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    April 2, 2011 8:43 PM EDT
    I call bullshit Jesse, If you had something and really knew something you would have come out with it by now. you're just full of cop-outs.

    "at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty." CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA

    Why separate categories for sovereigns & the citizens? Citizens are still British subjects who are called American citizens. The founders were sovereigns without subjects. Citizens are renters.

    If they already had the Articles of Confederation, why form a Constitution?

  • April 2, 2011 8:52 PM EDT
    Hi Ben,

    Point noted and duly taken. I see you were simply moving things along in a positive manner. These kind of heavy debates are generally by nature a bit of to-and-throw and as long as nobody is actually nasty and abusive it should stay as generally a positive discourse. I like to include a bit of tongue in cheek humour and the odd dash of sarcasm. If you can't have a laugh amidst all the seriousness of modern perils you can get fried by the magnitude of the situation we are all in, well that is my personal take.

    It would be nice to see Jesse expound his theory though rather than simply criticise the efforts of Absalom to begin a useful dialogue. It is easy to accuse him of being evasive because he says we should go and do some research ourselves, perhaps that is a fair criticism, but at least he has been open about what he is suggesting we examine. I cant see that Jesse has done this himself, and instead uses the cop out of us needing to e-mail him for details. Why not just post the details here for all to see?

    I should add that changing the system is only as important as changing ourselves, in fact both are rather fundamentally linked!

    Success is having a free mind and free spirit within a free society. Sounds easy and it kind of is, but it is also terribly complicated. Free your mind and the rest will follow.
  • April 2, 2011 8:59 PM EDT
    Well put, Bruce. I totally agree about using humor to lighten things up. Lighten = enlighten after all.
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    April 2, 2011 9:06 PM EDT
    Language Rabbit Hole leads all others. Now lets all have a good laugh...
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    April 2, 2011 9:56 PM EDT
    Personally i think before commenting on a thread people should have some idea as to what they are getting themselves into. If you claim to know something then you should be able to share your resources! So yes ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK and Google the words you misunderstand!!! :)
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