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  • March 22, 2011 12:11 AM EDT

    The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will" - Aleister Crowley Every entity performs magick on an unconscious level. This happens when an entity decides to project intent towards a desired object or entity. As an example: When anyone becomes emotional towards someone or something they automatically direct energy as well as intent towards that object. Depending on how emotional they are (how much energy they are projecting) will determine how quickly their intent will manifest itself into reality. Some people are naturally attuned to picking up on someone's directed intent towards them and get "bad or good vibes". There is a lot of power if one knows how to focus and better direct their intent/will. Hence you have the occult. Secret knowledge that gives the occultist a system in which to better harness the Will as well as a controlled method to direct such will. There are two kinds of Occultists. You have the ritualistic occultist or you have the direct magic occultist. Both methods work. Depending on the practitioner for numerous reasons one method will work better than the other.

    Now the reason why Magick is secret or of the Occult is that it is a very powerful tool in that you can manifest your will through ritual or thought alone which gives the individual true freedom. Governments, corporations, and even the majority of the Occultists do not want the populace to obtain such freedom. This is so because governments and the majority of Occultists do not believe that humanity is evolved enough to harness such abilities. Which I would have to wholly agree on even though that will not stop me from teaching humanity about this stuff. This is so because there is more to the Big Picture then to "keep silent". Ritualistic magick: Ritual magick is a medium in which the occultist uses to form and direct will. It is the act of using third party (materialistic) symbols and dramatization to build up faith (will) in the magician to access (evoke - invoke) a particular extension (psychological medium) of themselves that contains the knowledge or abilities they seek. Ritual magick is the lowest form of magick in that the magician is wholly dependent on materialistic symbolic associations and enactments to access parts of their self. They need to manifest a medium that is not bound by the "material rules" that the magician has believed in since birth. Thus ritual magick is a means for a person to skip any training of self mastery. Instead of believing in themselves they have to create a medium that is an extension of their self to do what they will. It is no different then the Christians or the pagans creating an extension of themselves that they call God to manifest what they believe they are unable to do. For all those who wish to become one with God and or adhere to the Universal Law of One should not invest in ritual. Ritual is the means to fragment the "I" or self. To Jesus Christ ritual is the Devils tool. When you fragment the self you are creating a form of an idol. Each godhead, spirit, demon, angel, becomes an idol that separates the adept from God. Thus you are investing in an illusion. An illusion that is highly corrosive to the soul which has no real long lasting benefit for the spirit. Instead of becoming a god the ritualists becomes trapped within material dependancy and multi-personality disorders from fragmenting the ego or "I". Analize what I am saying and come up with your own conclusion. Within every spirit is infinite understanding and knowledge..There is no reason to create constructs and fragment the self when you can dissolve the self and become the real "I AM". Remember that true knowledge and wisdom is obtained through revelation. This is the point of meditation. To conjure revelation. Hopefully my philosophy helps you remember and thus brings about revelation. Direct Magick: Direct magick does not use any materialistic mediums to gain desired results and is thus the hardest form of magick to master. It is the hardest to master because you have to dissolve the material self and push away the mind and use only your Will. Most ritual magicians do not understand how direct magick works because they are still using their mind to make sense out of it. The mind works fine for ritual magick but for Direct magick it acts as a wall by setting up defined boundaries via materialistic associations. To effectively perform Direct magick one has to have no associations beyond what s/he Wills. Which means you have to have mastery over the mind and know how to separate the Will from the mind. Most ritual magicians get confused over this method because they see the Mind as the producer of the will which it isn't. The Will in fact operates through the mind. It is the mind that acts as a medium for the Will to figure out how to achieve the materialistic demands of that Will. In Direct Magick you bypass the need for the mind and operate on a level beyond the material. By operating beyond the materialistic associations all laws of reality become tangible because they no longer have a defined rule. Your Will then makes the rules. Ritualistic magicians have a hard time accepting this because they associate the capability of effectively achieving a desired result through direct magick based on the capabilities of their individual Will and most of them have had no real training of the Will beyond ritual and are thus spiritually weak . And as I stated earlier ritual is not an effective means of controlling the Will but of tricking the mind through psychological programming as well as the effective incorporation of other 3rd party energies/wills through the use of symbolic associations to obtain a result. As a note: Anything that uses the filter of the mind as well as material symbols or biological material movements and gestures cannot be used once one have left the body entirely. Thus it is not spiritual but psychological and is thus a waste of time because it is not eternal and is not part of your spirit or soul that you take with you. Our shell is but an icon that we use to enteract within this multi-dimensional plane. Forever changing as it climbs up towards the top of the tree of life. If one wishes to stay here durring such accent then harmonics through tongues, music, or motion will keep one focused enough to stay.

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  • March 28, 2011 12:05 PM EDT
    The intention and power. It is obvious that in recent years the power of intention is amplified. Just think, believe and want for things to fall into place. Say, think an idea can be magical. Today with this new awareness in place is imperative that we weigh our words and thoughts. The words is on a relative commonplace. But a map is an absolute magical action that we invoke. I think the precept of the Buddha that has already prompted his followers to practice the eightfold path. And part: right speech, right thought, right action, etc. ... Even Jesus expressed it well. Every religious tradition had established how to act fairly. It is now time to bind themselves to think and speak differently. With respect for oneself but also respect others. Finally thought (establishes the beginning of the ritual speech) and speech acts (the ritual is in place). If every action is made ​​fully aware of every gesture can become a daily ritual
    Eating mindfully (keeping in mind that we feed to our well being and respect for us), walk consciousness (ie be there). It is obvious that if we believe that every action can be ritualized, for the development of consciousness, we have the power to transform our lives but the lives of others.
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    April 5, 2011 6:48 PM EDT
    Simply put, we are Magick. It's best not to over complicate things because then you allow others the opportunity to relinquish your power. I do agree howerver that the power we put into our words, thoughts and actions will amplify the results. The most important knowing of Magick is to be Magick in entirety. Nothing exists without magick..and magick doesn't exist without conciousness. With that said, it is most important to be aware, concious and full of life in order to manifest your will into anything tangeable. If you do not know who you are, you do not know your will. Without knowing your will, you will have no idea how to manifest anything out of the "ordinary" (mundane).
  • April 8, 2011 3:46 PM EDT
    Am I the only one truly concerned about this power getting into the wrong hands?
  • April 8, 2011 4:04 PM EDT
    Information is universally free to the seeker. There's no force in creation that can stop an entity from seeking and receiving what they seek. And rightfully so, would we be here on this unique site expressing our awareness otherwise?
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    April 9, 2011 4:47 PM EDT
    Magick is unwieldly. It always ends up bitting me soon after turning off the juice. I never really know what is going to happen after a "session" of will. If I catch myself "doing it" I stop myself for my on safety.
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    April 21, 2011 2:01 AM EDT
    This was related to me many years ago by a man involved in the occult, and well-informed as to the "goings on " in that area. It concerned a man in the U.S. who was well established in the business world and was also a member of one of the mystery schools which indulged in ceremonial magic. He was in a state of dilemma involving an enemy who may have been a business rival, or something more sinister; anyway it was imperative that something was done about this, and it must have been pretty bad for him to resort to the measures which he employed. He decided that a criminal act was the only possible way out of his difficulty, and that the removal of his rival was absolutely necessary. In other words murder! To effect the perfect crime he had the bright idea of getting a demon to do his dirty work for him, thereby leaving no possible material evidence. He was sufficiently familiar with the routine of ritual magic to be capable of doing this, and duly raised the appropriate type of entity. Having enforced it into his service he lost no time in describing his reqirements in all the necessary detail and the demonic assassin lost no time in the elimination of his target. Now here is the crunch, after having done the deed the task of dismissing the demon had to be faced, and so the customary ceremonial was performed, and was completey ineffective and the newly released entity had found an occupation in the world very much to its liking, resulting in a sudden increase of unsolvable murders the source of which became apparent after certain procedures, so that he realised he had made.To his credit, he lost no time in seeking the help of his mystic brotherhood which was hastily convened and went through the required routine, and which was also fruitless. The situation was considered to be desperate enough to seek outside help, and eventually after considerable enquiries they located a man who was reputed to be up to the job. It turned out be an elderly magician living in Australia, who although in failing health, agreed to undertake the formidable task of making a reluctant demon relinquish its new found interest and return home. Everything which could be done to improve his health and vitality was done, and he was escorted to the U.S. where performed the operation. Unfortunately , this was only partly effective, the results of which are only too obvious through the excellent media coverage of today, that is if the great increase in violent and often motiveless homicides are to be so attributed. Who knows, I can only point out that this situation is quite different from fifty years ago ? *
  • January 15, 2012 8:35 PM EST
    Keven Carlson-Aguilar said:
    Am I the only one truly concerned about this power getting into the wrong hands?
    No, you're not the only one. It concerns me deeply, too.