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2012 - Introduction

  • March 25, 2011 7:54 AM EDT

    11:11 UT 21-12-2012 Winter Solstice 4-Ahau
    2012 Maya Calendar
    The Maya Calendar 13th Baktun ending on 21-12-2012 as well as global conspiracies, a possible consciousness shift and prophesy of a doomsday around 2012 are now all popular discussions. If you have not yet encountered much the 2012 information related to strange aspects of this particular year this should serve as an introduction.

    With films like Roland Emmerich’s '2012' having already assailed the public consciousness pretty soon everybody will have heard of this subject. Though I expect little of such movie adaptations from the body of available 2012 research material, they will reach far more people than the books and sites of actual 2012 researchers. Hopefully some will find the subject via such a route but stay to learn something more about the world in which they reside. Indeed there is much to learn about the forming new world civilisation, current state of the planet, ancient human wisdom and ways to progress the species forward.

    This introduction to the subject will have to be necessarily brief in scope, as there is simply far too much for any one person to convey or for that matter absorb, in any single sitting. The basis of the interest in the year 2012 is in the closing of a great cycle within the Mayan calendar system. The ancient Mayan people of Central America kept the most complex calendar system in the known world. In all they had some 20 different calendars running in unison. The best way to visualise this is as a number of interlocking cogs of various sizes grinding against each other; thus days each had a number of component parts. Of course we have an element of these process ourselves within our simpler Gregorian calendar, seven named days and up to 31 numbers each meshing with 12 named months as the years pass.

    Each Maya calendar related information on schedules for tasks or events such as see
    d planting, religious rites, eclipse’s, mystical predictions and other happenings seen as cyclical in nature. The calendar that most concerns us here is the 13-Baktun or ‘Long Count' system, which runs for just over 5125 years. The counting system was started and set to end by the originators long, long ago. Who exactly set this calendar turning is not known, possibly the Olmec but it was refined by the Maya who stated it began on 11-08-3114 BCE and that it is set to complete a great turning on the winter solstice of 2012 which occurs on that day at 11:11 UT.

    The most glaring anomaly here is that the calendar does not start from anywhere near the time of its apparent introduction by the Maya people. They are in fact very clear that thousands of years of the great cycle passed before their particular description of its mechanics. Available evidence tends to suggest they inherited the Long Count from more ancient peoples of Central America, likely the Toltec’s and Olmec. Even so, this still does not take us back to anywhere near five thousand years ago.

    To better introduce the Maya people themselves, I have used the information of an academic authority on the Maya civilisation, Professor Michael D. Coe. His description of the 'historical Maya' peoples is only summarised here. Doubtless his books can be found in your local library or online for those seeking the full story.

    The ancient Maya people were residents of the Yucatan peninsula, Guatemala, Belize and some parts of Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. Their civilisation rose to
    prominence in approx. 250AD and receded/collapsed in around 900AD. Before that was the pre-classic period going back to around 2000BC in which they developed a farming culture. The classic period saw the building of some of the most astounding structures in South America including those at sites such as Copan, Palenque, Chich'en Itza and the palace of Xpuhil .

    They adopted, and radically advanced, the calendar systems already existing from earlier cultures in the South America 's and took astronomical understanding to a very high level. They were aware of both the solar and tropical year though seemed happy to go with a 365-day 'vague' year, which slowly shifted due to the extra time ignored. They were however extremely concerned with keeping the lunar month accurate, calculating it to be 29.53020 days long, we now know it is actually 29.53059. For Venus they used a 584 day calendar system, we now know it is 583.92. They also seem to have arrived close to both the years of Mars and Mercury, with their figures of 780 and 116 days respectively.

    Maya technology and wisdom was also applied to the arts, they managed to create some of the most amazing works of carving that we know of. The working of hard volcanic stone and gems was nothing less than incredible. Their artists often bored holes in tiny jade beads that were so precise and slim; we today would have to use our most advanced facilities to match them.

    The Maya people had a complex spiritual hierarchy of Gods and metaphysical beings. Their rich cosmology, mythology and religious doctrines are absorbing and fascinating. Most notably in their cosmology is the spiritual being known as Kulkukan or the feathered serpent. Kulkukan is often discussed in relation to 2012 lore as he is said in prophecy to return again at the calendars turning. The Maya per
    ceived time to be cyclical rather than linear so they expected events to repeat themselves in some fashion. Cosmic order was viewed from cause and effect perspective, but included causes originating in unseen higher realms. This higher perspective came from their belief in all things being interconnected whether physical or metaphysical.

    When a people clearly obsessed with cyclical events, known for pinpoint accuracy, adopt a calendar as enormous in scope as the 13-Baktun most scholars conclude they would only do so if it tracked something particularly important to their civilisation. The Maya themselves have said that the 5125-year period encompasses a single world, and that such world ages are prone to ending with environmental and social chaos. They have also said that in their spiritual belief system the end of a world age is a time of great opportunity. Upon each 13th Baktun ending humanity would choose to either move into a new more harmonious age, or face an apocalyptic catastrophe. Thus far mankind has experienced four catastrophic events that they recall in their mythology involving floods, fire, wind and earthquakes.

    There is also evidence that the 21-12-2012 date was considered important to various other ancient peoples from the America’s and perhaps even further a field in places such as Sumer, China and Egypt. Certainly many modern indigenous American peoples agree with the Maya perspective, most notably the Hopi Indians but also tribes from the furthest regions of the Amazon jungles in the South and the frozen wastes of the Canadian North. In Egypt we find that the pyramids of the Giza plateau seem to have been set in such a way as to provide both a time marker and an optimum-viewing platform for the astronomical phenomena associated with the winter solstice of 2012. Some Egyptian mythology states that this event marks the birth of a new age via the 'channel of the ages' which is in the direction of the ce
    ntre of our cosmos. That was a location linked with their philosophical concept of Ma’at or that which brings order from chaos in the universe.

    During the 1970’s the McKenna brothers investigated the possibility that the ancient Chinese divinatory system known as the I-Ching had originated as an ancient Chinese lunar calendar. They used a Mandelbrot fractal set based system to investigate this possibility, and surprisingly the overlay revealed a pattern within the ever-diminishing cyclic flow. The pattern discovered seemed to mesh well with the 13-month lunar calendar, precession of the equinox; sunspot cycles and even recorded major events in humanities evolving. Although perhaps not conclusive, their findings are suggestive of a calendar system rather like that of the Maya. It is important to note that their work was done prior to any public discussion of the Maya calendar from which they could have drawn.

    The year 2012 has come to serve as a strange attractor for myriad sources of information and startlingly different points of view. The entire period between the early 1990’s and onward to the early 2020’s is almost as important to look at. Unlike the talk surrounding Y2K this is not a one day event subject; many people are not expecting much of note on that day other than certain astronomical events, no sudden end of the world.

    This period of some two decades or more has been categorised by some of the indigenous elders of tribes such as the Maya as the great 'speeding up' or 'quickening'. This is so labelled because our perception of events is said to change, things will seem to happen exponentially faster as time itself spirals into smaller and smaller loops before entering the 21-12-2012 portal. It is also held that in this tem
    poral bottleneck past and future will be constantly in flux, ancient phenomena and future phenomena manifesting alongside those of the modern day. Apart from this slipping of time there will also be a polarisation of positive and negative forces which will see a swelling of interest in compassionate spiritual living, met by a diametrically opposed rise in aggression and greed.

    Some information on 2012 suggests that when new ages of existence are being born it is much akin to a human birth and thus involves plenty of pain and suffering prior to the moment of joy and relief when the act is complete and all is found to be well. There are a number of both earthly and cosmic disaster scenarios discussed in rela
    tion to this time. These include, but are certainly not limited to; mega-tsunami, super-volcanoes, mega-quakes, massive solar flares, super-storms, biosphere collapse, colossal meteor impacts, magnetic & geological pole reversals, earth crust displacement, encounters with an ‘X’ planet or large-scale terrestrial and extra-terrestrial warfare. Each scenario has a wealth of information behind it but it quickly becomes clear that some are far more unlikely than others are. At this point I would say that we might see none of these occur, perhaps a selection, or just possibly all of them together.

    11:11UT W.S. 21-12-2012 4-Ahau – The Event
    Alice Falling
    If you were to stand on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt on this day you would apparently see a spectacular sight. Upon the horizon would be half of the Milkyway spread horizontal along the horizon mirroring the Nile upon the ground. The three stars of Orion would rise to echo the pyramids themselves. The planet Vesus would be in the sky starting a morning phase. Then the sun would rise up into the approximate region of galactic centre just touching upon the edge of the Dark Rift, an area of impenetrable dust clouds between the core and us. The winter solstice of 2012 is itself set for precisely 11:11 universal time.

    There is no obvious physical way in which this event should effect us. We will not be entering the galactic plane, we will not align with the central black hole, we will not enter an alignment of all the planets of our solar system, and we will not be in any obvious way positioned so that we are exposed to a logical threat. Claims of a planet X passing near by in that year are also extremely unbelievable unless it is made of dark matter or some other exotic composition which prevents us already seeing its approach. There is nothing to suggest that we are about to see physical pole shifts even assuming such events are just possible, or that we can expect a super volcano eruption, incoming comets, deadly plagues, alien attacks or other massive physical upheaval. Such things do and will occur again on Earth, but stating they will manifest on 21-12-2012 is a reach backed by precious little hard evidence.

    Having made that disclaimer I feel free to speculate a little or mention things based more on intuition than hard facts. For in fairness there does seem to be something of a global expectation of some looming catastrophe. It is not so surprising when we consider that in nearly all cultures there are mythologies about past civilisation having behaved rather like us today just before getting somehow obliterated due to their poor behaviour. When we consider this alongside our cur
    rent climatic shift and the myriad other problems being faced, some trepidation about the future is perfectly reasonable. To have no concern for the future that we seem to be creating for ourselves is in my view to be an absolute moron or a complete simpleton.

    The Maya themselves have a prophecy that in 2012 several of their ancient Gods will return to our world. They also tell us that a ‘serpent rope’ will erupt from the centre of the galaxy and deliver to us an enlightened being that they previously knew as Kulkucan. The nine Gods are in fact a common theme globally as they also occur in Egyptian as well as Nordic mythology, amongst others. Not only are they described as though they are powerful entities but also as representations of cosmic force’s and higher dimensions. The appearance of another Maya god in their 2012-prophecy carving found on monument six at Tortuguero, Bolon Yokte, suggests a time of turmoil and then a moment of spiritual and cultural rebirth.

    The modern Maya elders tell us that they expect a time of tribulations ahead as we approach 2012 but not some singular doomsday catastrophe. The last great marker before the end of the current Maya long count calendar cycle will occur on 06-06-12 when Venus (Lamat) passes visibly in front of the sun in a very rare conjunction. We are already in a period of time that they and other indigenous American tribes refer to as preparatory for the new world to be born which will involve chaos and a general sense that times is somehow rapidly speeding up. This long predicted cleansing of the human soul is then well underway, at least for some people anyway.

    There is also a far more involved and spiritually engaging aspect to the 2012 subject. It is not all about earthly or cosmic happenings. Ancient cultures such as th
    e Maya and Egyptians were particularly involved in the study of human consciousness and the nature of our existence. Their cosmologies are distinctly shamanic in overview. If they were tracking a long period occurrence it is likely it concerns spiritual affairs as indicated by the 4-Ahau carvings discovered so far.

    The Maya, along with the ancient Indians and Egyptians recognised that mundane existence and daily events were in part illusionary. They normal life events being largely the secondary effects of unseen higher dimensional process at work. They recognised a plethora of other worldly forces and beings that would have to be considered. Alongside this was their extremely captivating concept of time as demonstrated within the Tzolkin count and its 260-day glyph combinations.

    The problem with modern western minds encountering the 2012 subject is that they can often only process the aspect they comprehend the best, physical upheavals. This quickly leads to the false assertion of a predicted doomsday. It is absolutely necessary to approach 2012 with the ancients’ mind set. We need to be able to recognise that we are spirit beings having a physical experience and that higher dimensional forces are constantly interacting with us. It also is prerequisite that we have an understanding of just what is meant by consciousness and enlightenment.

    Perhaps the easiest starting point in tackling the myriad peculiar 2012 related topics is a few hard facts. Your body is made up of 99.99% empty space. Everything in existence is simply energy in vibration. There is no observable difference between the particles that make up a human and a chair it sits upon. Everything in existence is en
    tangled into a general oneness. Our greatest scientific minds tell us time is merely a persistent illusion. Our mind operates separately to the physical brain and is made up of no physical matter, in fact your every thought is made of nothing at all and by definition everything you ever though has had no existence whatsoever.

    If you can absorb all that through rigorous study and self experiments then 2012 will rapidly take on much more comprehensible meanings and reveal far wider possibilitues.

    We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    - In Laketch

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    March 27, 2011 6:07 PM EDT
    For almost 4 years now, I have been experiencing strange numerical synchronicity constantly. 11:11 and others. My awakening/enlightenment began on 7-1-7...and ohhh what a ride it has been. Humanity is definately awakening....the "shift" is definately happening....2011-2012 shall be an interesting time. Avoid the drama thats unfolding....stay out of the illusion...and live from LOVE....All is well....Namaste
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    March 29, 2011 5:53 AM EDT
    Me too Blayne, 11.11, 222, 333, 444 etc.
    At the moment it is 111 and 333.
    Regarding 2012 Prophecies.
    The Spiritual Development group I am a member of organised a seminar on 2012.
    We booked Geoff Stray, who is one of the world experts on 2012, and Andy Thomas who investigates conspiracy theories to talk to us on their subjects.
    I came to the conclusion, its best to just get on with life the best you can, live each day to the full and look on the bright side of everything.
    Help others when you can and treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
  • March 29, 2011 9:14 AM EDT
    My own number is 333 though I do get a fair bit of the 11 11 sync stuff too.

    Geoff Stray is brilliant, his 2012 work is top notch and he is also a very nice chap, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with him after ARC in Bath.

    The above introduction is taken from my own 2012 website
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    March 29, 2011 10:43 AM EDT
    I shall take a look at your site Bruce :)
    Yes Geoff is lovely, so is Andy.
    We had breakfast, dinner and supper with them, we all stayed at the same hotel and had a huge table booked.
    He signed my book for me :)
  • April 4, 2011 6:32 AM EDT

    Hi Bruce

    Can you tell me more about the Egyptians and Mayans work on human consciousness etc, I have recently become spiritually aware and have had many visions and teachings from Ancient civilizations, particularly Egyptian and Native American, I know these to be coming directly from Ancient spirit, becuase these subjects were unknown to me up until a very short while ago and now I read things that tell me exactly what I have seen and been told.

    Are there any good books on the subject that you would recommend, I am particularly interested in the Egyptians spiritual methods,

  • April 5, 2011 6:47 AM EDT
    Hi Carol,

    I am not quite sure what you had in mind when you ask about Egyptian and Maya work on human consciousness. I would however recommend the books of Joan Grant in respect to ancient spirituality in Egypt. These books record her memories of past lives in Egypt and in one case her being a Pharaoh-priest (winged Pharaoh), so they cover a fair bit of the spirituality of the ancient times.
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