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    Are you familiar with autoimmune disease? Our bodies have an amazing system of defense. We’re constantly bombarded by invading viruses and bacteria, but only a fraction make us ill. When part of the body is an unwilling host of such an invader, the nearby lymph nodes go into battle mode. When the body’s lymph fluid travels through the node, bacteria and viruses are trapped and attacked by highly specialized white blood cells. These blood cells, known as lymphocytes, destroy the harmful substances and prevent them from doing more damage.

    This system is highly efficient in most people. For some reason, however, in some individuals, the body gets its wires crossed. When the immune system gets the wrong message, it attacks healthy tissue. In essence, the body attacks itself. Such a condition is referred to as an autoimmune disease.

    There are several autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Graves’ disease, and Crohn’s disease. Another autoimmune disease is lupus.

    An autoimmune disease like lupus is sometimes difficult to diagnose. Who Gets Lupus?

     There are several risk factors for developing lupus. Almost 90% of the individuals suffering from the disease are female, especially between the ages of 15 and 45. Lupus sometimes runs in families. If you have a relative with lupus, your chances of developing the condition could be increased by as much as 13%. Also, non-Caucasians are more likely to develop lupus, including blacks, Asians, Latinos, Native Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans.

    Some individuals who develop the disease, however, have no known risk factors.

    The Four Types of Lupus

    There are four types of lupus: cutaneous lupus, drug-induced lupus, neonatal lupus, and systemic lupus erythematosus – SLE for short.

    Cutaneous lupus erythematosus involves the skin. It causes a rash or sores on the face, the neck, in the mouth, in the vagina, or in the nose. When it affects the scalp, hair loss usually occurs.

    Drug-induced lupus is associated with some prescription drugs. These include isoniazid, hydralazine, and procainamide. Symptoms usually dissipate after the drug has been discontinued for several months.

    Neonatal lupus is extremely rare. It affects babies born to women with lupus. Many of the symptoms disappear when the infant is several months old, and they often cause no permanent damage.  A few of these infants, however, are left with a heart defect.

    SLE is buy jintropin the most common form of lupus.

    Symptoms of SLE

    The symptoms of systemic lupus vary among individuals. Some people with the condition have severe symptoms, resulting in total disability,and some have mild symptoms. Also, the symptoms do Buy HGH not present every day. An individual with lupus might go weeks with no obvious ill effects, or when they suffer only mild symptoms. When the symptoms are present and are more severe, it’s called a “flare.”

    SLE can have some serious complications. One is pulmonary hypertension, a dangerous increase in the blood pressure in the lungs. Lupus can also damage the kidneys to the point of requiring dialysis. The nervous system can become inflamed, causing headaches, strokes, and dementia. Lupus can also cause serious damage to the heart, the bones, the blood cells, and the brain.

    Someone suffering from SLE might feel tired and lethargic much of the time. They may also have painful muscles and joint pain. They might have an unusual sensitivity to light, a low-grade fever, swollen lymph nodes, or chest pain. Depression and anxiety are common among lupus patients. Other symptoms of SLE include hair loss, weight loss, anemia, and swelling of the hands and feet. Scaly skin rashes and ulcers in the nose and mouth are common. The most indicative skin rash associated with lupus is a malar rash. This patch of red covers the nose and the cheeks in a butterfly pattern.


    How is SLE Diagnosed?

    Since SLE affects those who have it in different ways, it’s sometimes difficult to diagnose. The symptoms can mimic other diseases and conditions, and there’s no 100% definitive test for SLE. For these reasons, the American College of Rheumatology has composed a list of eleven criteria for systemic lupus. If a patient has or has ever had at least four of these symptoms or lab findings, his physician will likely diagnose him with SLE:

    · Butterfly rash

    · Discoid rash on the face, neck, arms, torso

    · Photosensitivity – rash caused by exposure to bright UV light

    · Mouth or nasal sores

    · Joint swelling, stiffness, or pain in two or more joints

    · Inflammation of the membranes around the heart or lungs

    · Increased protein, clumps of red blood cells, or kidney cells in the urine

    · Nervous system problems with no known cause

    · Reduced red or white blood cells or platelets

    · Increased autoimmune activity per blood tests

    · Positive antinuclear antibody test (ANA)

    If you’ve experience at least four of these symptoms and are diagnosed with SLE, your doctor will probably order more lab work and studies to determine whether or not the disease has caused damage to your internal organs. If you have suffered damage, the studies will help your physician how extensive the damage is and how best to address it. Such studies might include blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, a tissue biopsy of the kidneys or other tissue, an echocardiogram, a CT scan, or an MRI.

    Lupus treatment

    As of this date, there is no cure for SLE, but it can be managed. It’s important to commit to all the tests and studies your doctor recommends so that he can discover exactly what the disease is doing to your body. The key to managing SLE with lupus treatment is to prevent major damage to internal organs.

    To help control the disease and to alleviate symptoms, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories are often prescribed for lupus treatment, along with oral corticosteroids for inflammation and corticosteroid creams for skin HGH For Sale rashes. More serious cases of SLE might be treated with drugs that suppress the action of the immune system or with antimalarial drugs.

    There are several things a patient with SLE can do to help themselves. One important lupus treatment is to get adequate rest. If you have been diagnosed with lupus, you must learn to pay attention to your body. When it’s tired, stop and rest. Another lupus treatment is to  eat a healthy diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. If you smoke, stop now. Avoid being around smoke, too. Try to engage in regular mild exercise. Talk to your friends and family members about your condition, and educate them about SLE. Keep all your doctors’ appointments, and always alert your health team to any changes in your symptoms.

    If you think you might have lupus, see your doctor as soon as possible. some of the symptoms mimic other diseases and conditions, so you might have lupus and not even be aware of it. Your symptoms might also be caused by another autoimmune disease, so seek help.

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    Drew Chose Red Sox Over Athletics Cardinals Due To Playing Time - RealGM Wiretap

    There were a number of teams interested in Stephen Drew this offseason nike shox r4 womens pink , but he said the decision came down to playing time.


    "It was kind of crazy and I didn't really know where I was going to go," Drew said. "I know there were other teams out there. I knew there were others in the mix. For me, it all had to do with how I had to come back from the ankle injury. That was going into my free-agent year. I knew that meant teams wanted to see if I could still play.


    "I needed the time to show them I could."


    His decision came down to Boston or Oakland. He accepted a one-year, $9.5 million deal with the Red Sox.


    The Cardinals couldn't offer Drew consistent playing time because they have Rafael Furcal under contract.

    A Guide On Obtaining Good Divorce Lawyers For Those In Requirement A Guide On Obtaining Good Divorce Lawyers For Those In Requirement January 12, 2014 | Author: Adam Torres | Posted in Business

    You’ve done your initial research and narrowed down the list of names you’re looking at. But now you’re finding it almost impossible to make a choice and hire a divorce lawyer. The wrong decision here could cost you money nike shox r4 , respect and possibly your own freedom. That’s what makes choosing a good lawyer so daunting. Here are some characteristics to look for in a lawyer.


    The injuries that have been sustained, cannot be in any way, a fault of the individual who is seeking justice. If the client was at fault for the injuries they sustained, most lawyers will not take the case. However, if the fault was solely caused by another person nike shox nz womens pink , then a lawyer will assist.


    As you look into potential clients, one of the things you should find out is how they communicate with their clients. There should be multiple ways of reaching them whether it’s through phone calls, emails, or messages on the firm’s site. Also, which method do they respond the quickest because some may take all day to return your phone calls nike shox nz sale , but only a couple of hours through email. They have to be easily reachable whenever you need them with something regarding your case.


    One way to contact a divorce lawyer without any pressure or commitment is by Facebook messaging. Though it seems informal, you should remember that lawyers do not establish pages on social media sites for no reason. It is there as a way of contact for people just like you. Have a list of questions ready to ask. You might be impressed by their replies.


    You need to home on to that attorney who will not ride rough shod on many cases by taking them all up together. Also, it’s critical that when there seems to be no quick decision by the court, heshe must stand by you right through to the end of the case. If there are far too many clients, you’ll probably not get the attention you deserve.


    Investigate about the divorce lawyer’s legal charges and his payment schedule. Different lawyers charge differently for same legal issues. Compare the rates of different lawyers. But don’t always go for the cheapest one.


    A fine divorce lawyer will expect you to be completely involved in the working of the case so that you not only understand its developing status but also contribute towards its success. In this manner one can keep an eye on the lawyer’s work. A lawyer who does not encourage his client’s involvement is either scared to reveal his own lack of work on the case or simply is not confident to have an observer around.


    Finding a personal injury lawyer Coral Springs attorney is not difficult to do. However nike shox nz uk , locating a credible attorney that is willing to go above and beyond to help you win your case can be daunting. It is important that you research your options, before deciding to employ an attorney to work with you. Knowing that you do have options, and knowing what to look for can make the task of winning your case seamless.


    Looking to find the best deal on Becoming A Lawyer, then visit to find the best advice on business attorneys for you.

    Poseys Grand Slam Moves Giants Into NLCS - RealGM Wiretap

    Buster Posey hit the third grand slam in Giants' postseason history Thursday, and San Francisco pulled off an unprecedented revival nike shox nz mens uk , by winning three straight on the road, moving into the NL championship series with a 6-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

    Rangers Remain In Contact With Lohses Agent - RealGM Wiretap

    The Rangers have remained in contact with Scott Boras about the possibility of signing Kyle Lohse.


    Lohse won 16 games for the Cardinals this past season and is the best available starting pitcher on that list.


    "There are still some players that in the right scenario that could be fits for us," Jon Daniels said. "We like our club, but we're not doing our job if we're not looking at every player available."

    Find Out When Paying Visits To Caicos Conch Farm Is Important Find Out When Paying Visits To Caicos Conch Farm Is Important April 6, 2014 | Author: Luisa Sharpe | Posted in Customer Service

    Travelling and changing of location to experience a different taste of life is one thing that people will not fail doing. This happens during the long vacations and during the free times. People are expected to get experiences from these visits. Some places that people visit include caicos conch farm where you get to experience a taste of seafood. Seafood has become very common and will still increase in the centuries to come.


    There is the generation and cultures that believed that in the local meat of pork nike shox current mens , beef and mutton, that is only the domestic fresh is hundred percent. Chuck from that generation, and you will get the better taste of life if you get a chance of taking seafood. You need to make visits .