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Living in Oneness

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    May 2, 2011 11:20 AM EDT

    The Spirit who walks in flesh walks through us. Let our minds seek and find full consciousness and walk in Its Reality through the last of worlds' troubling times. Let our faith and Knowing be the Light we bear and extend to others.


    We want to “do” something; our mind races with ideas for systems that could be created to help others. Our egos beg for recognition and we think, "I could do this or do that to safeguard us and/or to practice Oneness." 


    Children of God, brothers, Being Light is the solution and Living in Oneness is our Strength.


    Brothers, we must allow ourselves to be lead by the Spirit to the Holy Work necessary. Our busy minds are not a consequence of the Holy Spirit for he knows not of busy for it is the opposite of stillness.


    The Spirit has provided the Way for us to assist and support brothers in transformation. We should remember, the One Spirit offers us perfect faith to replace all doubts. I remind myself, that His faith must be as perfect in all brothers as it is in me otherwise the gift would be limited and separation would be truth…Never!


    Brothers, all separation vanishes as holiness is shared. Holiness is power, and by sharing it, it gains in strength.


    In stillness this weekend, the Lord said, "The work to be done during these last days is not of this world. The Call is call back to awareness of your True nature. As Spirit, You are all fully equipped to help by Being while still in the world. Your worldly ways will not suffice. Keep your thoughts centered on Love, Peace, Joy and Hope. Seek Light in your brothers and forgive the darkness around them by realizing its meaninglessness. This is Power.  This produces Light.  This is living in Oneness. This is My greatest help and what I can use to bring about that which you seek." 

    We humans cannot handle the task of shining Light with our human hands for it is of the Spirit. To recognize the Spirit and to lay down our personal worlds is the pathway to freedom, to Knowing, to Being. We understand this and most of us on this site are or have experienced the difficult transformation of the mind from ego to Spirit and are now experiencing a new level of consciousness.

    Though we are not of this world we are in this world. The time that remains is short…millions are beginning to seek Light and humans always turn to God but listen to other humans. When they land on this site, and they will because We are Light, we must allow the Spirit to communicate as He Wills for He understands the heart and mind of the transforming visitor.


    To clarify: Our goal is to BE Spirit while in the flesh. Spirit will move us to help others in the way we have been spiritually gifted. Our only hope is Light. We are Light to a world of darkness.

    *Note: The Spirit provides gifts to each of us individually to use for Kingdom purposes. There are varieties of gifts, and services, and activities but the same Spirit endows and empowers and seeks manifestation through us. The Spirit manifests Itself amongst Us for our Common Good. Some of us may manifest the Spirit of Perception, while others the Spirit of Servant, or Teachers, or Exhorters. There are also those Called to be Administrators, or Givers. And then there are those who are Merciful during this most trying time in human history; this is most likely the most popular gift serving the Call. The Spirit we are allowing to manifest through our flesh by the release of ego is witnessed as miracles by others. It is Light. This Light is empowered by One and the same Spirit who apportions Himself to each one individually as he allows. Each of us has a particular gift that can be richly manifested by Spirit through willing flesh and then used to help our brothers during transformation. Our love, trust, respect, and confidence in one another is Everything. Healing begins…Together we are One.

    Transformation: Called Out of the world of darkness to Be Light. Transformation is a change in thought processing. Humans are taught to see the world from an ego or personal perspective requiring constant judgment based on things taught or learned by the mind. A Spirit perspective is of Oneness and a Knowing frees the mind where forgiveness abounds so Light, Love, Peace and Joy can be complete.


    Below are the Transformation Groups as I see them. They are most likely not always in this order. This can help us understand each others’ pains a little better.

    Group 1
       1. Not happy with life. Burn out, divorce, problems with children, money, etc.
       2. Old thought returns…”I want more”
    Group 2
       1. Heard the Call and moving forward…searching
       2. What is Oneness?
       3. Letting go of thoughts of work, family, money, etc
    Group 3
       1. What is ego?
       2. Judgment
       3. Recognizing your role in the darkness of your life
       4. Forgiveness
    Group 4
       1. The art of “being still”
       2. Recognizing the Voice within
       3. Planning tomorrow vs. Being in the now
    Group 5
       1. Allowing your life to restart
       2. Recognizing temptation to return to ego perspective
    Group 6
       1. Living in Oneness
    Group 7
       1. Coming together with others as One
       2. Experiencing True Joy and Love
       3. Extending Love & Helping others in transformation


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    May 2, 2011 12:10 PM EDT
    All you say resonates with me perfectly! It amazes me that a concept never taught in school or thoroughly studdied can be told from the mouths of different people from all over the world and yet be easly, almost instinctivley, understood. I head the Call, as you said, and I was moving forward and searching (part of group 2 then) and after just three days of looking for truths, I stumbled upon this site and found to me what were people with the EXACT same thoughts about the world now, and the same questions, and then those who further inspired me, such as yourself in this instance. How you said our goal is to BE the spirit while still reside in the flesh resonated with me with me as well; it's true, we must see we have lost our TRUE selves (hence what we have always perceived just as "a little voice in our heads"), which is our spiritual selves, and learn to not indulge our mad-made egos in this contegent world where something can always be imagined greater, within the depths of our minds. There is a reason this thought is here, and a reason there is so much procision and purpose in this world, and it is the creator, and the creator lies with within all of us; or, as you stated, "holliness is power." Great post though Tammy, thank you for the light!
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    May 2, 2011 12:30 PM EDT
    Good stuff, Tammy. No matter an order, we are each in our own process, each in such places. As a process, things proceed accordingly, along their own path, in their own time and place, and often it is that lines of distinction are blurred. Still, it's nice to have references that we may see some order to it. And, there is order within it all. This is not always apparent, but order comes out of what we would consider to be chaos.
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    August 2, 2011 10:44 PM EDT
    All is wisdom here. Let me introduce myself and my services. I'm a revealer of the real self that created 400 billion galaxies should anyone be interested in more deeply experiencing that and a healer of the subconscious mind so that whatever might be blocking you in moving forward to the life you wish to live can be transformed and your energy renewed. I also offer 14 free CD's that can transform the neural pathways of your brain to enable you to be, have, and do whatever you want to. is an email connection.
  • December 9, 2011 2:31 PM EST
    We can live in consciousness and see those that are sleeping.We are here on this planet which is in the process of awakening and need to be an active member of its make over.The sleeping are working harder than we are to keep themselves in captivity.Let us make the world better for there awakening.
  • January 17, 2012 5:41 PM EST

    The sleepers are afraid; they feel secure where they are. Change is scary, they fear what they can't see, what they don't understand, they can't accept new ideas, as it disturbs the deeply seeded notions they hold onto so tightly. We must be gentle with them and help them make the transition, but it must come slowly, till they are ready to take a bigger leap. Perhaps it's like going into water; it's gonna be colder, so we put a toe or a foot in, going a little at a time, till our whole body is emersed in it, and we are comfortable.


    They have taught us many things, it helps us learn and grow, as we prepare for the shift to a better world. Many sleepers will be left behind, but it is their choice. Perhaps one day, there will be no sleepers. Many of us were sleepers once. I wasn't completely asleep, but I was not fully awake. I am still awakening. I had to be the person I once was, in order to become the person I am now. We are the sum of our experiences. Those who are ready will join together, and those who are not will continue on their journey, too.


    All we can do is our best to live by example.

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  • January 20, 2012 3:31 PM EST

    Some of us are confronted with ideas generated by the oneness that when recongnized are designed for the changes of our new awakened future.Ideas that are to be shared for our future.Some are basic ideas from the past that we are now confronted.Jesus tells us that if we live by cesars money, pay cesarr his dues,but he also told us to sell our riches and harvest our love for each other.A better way for the future is to create our own method of trade to prepare ourselves for the inevitable collapse of the monetary system.Growing our own food and learning to produce our own goods instead of clamorring to the market is essensial to the betterment of mans future.Producing clean energy options is at the foundation,and there is enough energy for the intire world,but the market would lead us to our devestation.It's time to live and grow together. Together with our collected consciencness we will move on to greatness.Love, love ,and more love

  • February 5, 2012 5:47 PM EST
    For those of us unable to hunt, etc., but have other skills, I hope we'll be included, should disaster strike. I will not be a burden; society already treats me as such, yet some offer help. I'd rather die than burden others. I know nature weeds out the weak, so they don't drain resources and make extra work, but I hope I can barter my skills and be included; if not, I'll go quietly and fade away.