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they change addresses.

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    February 17, 2014 11:08 AM EST
    Jim Traficant While the recent Supreme Court hearings were the biggest thing going on in U.S. healthcare, they werent the only thing. For years now,Diesel Belts, U.S. healthcare has been experiencing something of a revolution: Better technology and computer systems have radically improved the quality of healthcare. We now have electronic medical records, online referral and prescription systems, and seamless transfers of digital images between providers. The days of filling out the same patient form for each and every doctor visited is quickly becoming so th century. The best part All of this stateofthe art technology was going to drastically lower costs – on the order of $ billion a year, according one estimate. Yet a study published in the March issue of the journal Health Affairs has sent shockwaves through the industry finding the exact opposite: the presence of electronic imaging results – think Xrays, CT scans, etc. – actually led doctors to order more tests, not fewer. Because each test costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the presence – not the absence – of better technology led to higher costs. The collective gasp you hear is the U.S. healthcare industry asking: Have we been wrong all along Well, no. The study is at odds with years of established opinion and research. As the Department of Health and Human Services Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology ONC found last year, percent of studies between and reached positive conclusions on the effects of better healthcare technology, including cost savings. The $ billion a year in savings mentioned earlier came from a groundbreaking study from the RAND Corporation. The Health Affairs study also seems to contradict an even more recent study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which found that electronic health records actually led to fewer tests. Although it didnt address costs directly, the study aligned with the views of most in the industry: The ability to quickly and easily access health records reduces the need for further testing. Studies these have helped forge a consensus in the healthcare community that better technology leads to better treatment and lower costs. Naturally,Nike Free Online Store, this has led the government to enact policy to build better systems. Both in the private and public sectors, the federal government is spending billions of dollars to help providers build electronic healthcare systems that can information seamlessly,Nike Free Hypertr Shoes, reduce redundancy, and improve treatment for everyone. Better technology will also lead to better security of patient information. Youve probably seen the headlines in your local paper: Thousands of patient files found in garbage dump. And because these files contain personal and sensitive information, it is a serious problem for patients. But securely storing these files electronically, behind stateoftheart digital barricades, there wont be any paper files to throw away in the dumpster. Then theres the patient experience. Why is it that you can seamlessly , send and collect information between your smartphone, tablet computer, and laptop, and yet you have to fill out the same paper forms every time you visit a new doctor. The problem is that upgrading a providers system to reach the bare minimum of interoperability is an intensive undertaking that requires significant investment. Its also not easy to convince hospitals and physicians to invest in an unfamiliar,, expensive system, especially if these providers think technology will only add to their operating costs. Fortunately, the federal government and many private providers are leading example. Just a few years ago, it took the Social Security Administration on average three months just to access the records needed to review benefits for patients. Now, because of better health IT,, it takes seconds. In the private sector, Connecticuts Hartford Hospital increased its early discharge rate, a metric hospitals use to manage bed utilization, nearly threefold from . to . percent in seven months through the use of business intelligence dashboards. Thats the power of better healthcare technology. These improvements dont mean the industry as a whole should discount the Health Affairs study, because it exposes something often overlooked in our hightech world: The human element. providing critical data as its needed, when its needed, these technologies give physicians power beyond anything theyve ever experienced. Its not surprising that many would order more tests simply because its so much easier to do so. In other words, no matter how amazing it is, the technology cannot replace the doctor. So as we continue to build a better healthcare system for the st century and,Nike Free Run, yes, lower costs, our attitudes toward treatment must evolve as well. Jim Traficant is president of Harris Healthcare Solutions. 相关的主题文章:
  • December 5, 2017 2:24 AM EST
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