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The Endless Allure of Mass Consciousness

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    October 8, 2011 10:04 PM EDT

    Several months back, I had the third of only three predictive dreams I've had about the coming shift. What truly validated the dream for me was that at the time it occurred, it was a foregone conclusion in my mind that nobody could see, perceive, or know anything past the 12/21/2012 date. Clearly this was overly presumpuious, but it was still absolute reality in my mind at the time. And I had a dream which completely violated what I assumed to be absolute reality.

    In the dream, the time was January, 2013. It was one of those depressing days that was overcast, cold, and the weather was somewhere between an annoying mist and a light drizzle. I was looking at a scene of green, rolling hills that stretched to the horizon without interruption, save for a gas station / convenience store immediately to the right of my vantage point. A road stretched to the horizon over those hills - two lanes going one way, two lanes going another. It appeared to be a typical rural Interstate highway. The road was blanketed in cars bumper to bumper; I could see a solid stream of headlights all the way to the farthest horizon. Everybody was looking for food and finding none. A few people were marching up the embankment next to the road, making their way to the convenience store in search of food. I pitied them because I knew they would not find any; how could they possibly even ask, given that they were each but one of probably tens of thousands out looking? The issue was not one of money. There simply wasn't any food to be had. I personally had no concern for food. So, in the dream, either I had already crossed over (which did not appear to be the case), or I was a neutral observer; present but not that they could perceive (more probable).

    I have built half a lifetime on objective observation of the world around me and the people in it. What is, is. Reality is not altered or redefined in response to how palatable something is to me personally. The universe doesn't center itself around my emotional strengths and weaknesses, likes or dislikes. What this observation is showing me is, to me, staggering. I am simply in shock and awe that it could be the case - and still, it is the case.

    Everywhere you turn, regarding the coming shift, everybody, one way or another, assumes and presumes ultimate salvation will come by way of joining or creating some kind of collective (group). It's so deeply embedded into people's psyches that it never even occurs to them that there's an alternative. This is nothing new. It has been the case from the beginning of time. Every social engineering effort, every declaration of "the way to ultimate happiness," from the very beginning of time, must always occur as part of some group.

    The very assumption that a group is the way to happiness precludes a group from working. And no group in all of history has ever led the masses anywhere but straight down. Things will peak, for a short time, maybe, then they instantly begin to decay. It makes no difference what the group's stated purpose is, why or how it was formed, or by whom; what time period it is, what nation it's located in, etc. It falls from the inside, it fractueres, and it dies. This is simple truth. Every single icon in history from religion to science to philosophy lived as an individual. They may or may not have an entourage supporting them but no decisions made are group or committee decisions. It is one individual's direction. The teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, etc. have survived thousands of years and may survive thousands more. The discoveries and creations of every scientific luminary from Tesla to Einstein, from Newton to Galileo, remain steadfast; they are unaffected by time. No group, past, present or future, can claim this.

    To look at the problem in terms of pure physics, the amount of life energy and reosurces required to hold the group together must (and always do) create an exponentially increasing diminishment in returns. Like a team of computer programmers: one man alone works at 100% efficiency. Two men working together work at 75% efficiency each, the other 25% going to coordinating their efforts and resolving points of contention. Three men work at 50% efficiency each. The number drops with each additional person added to the group. This is true of any group, any time, any place.

    Only when we are operating at 100% efficiency can we hope to do anything.

    Consider this: conventional wisdom has about 90% of the planet's population being wiped out during the shift, give or take. Now look at your own embracing of some kind of group or group effort being the clear and only way to salvation. That puts you firmly in that 90%, doesn't it? Although in my experience the figure is much closer to 99.99%.

    I simply cannot believe people are this dense, this difficult to teach, this difficult to wake up. No group in all of history has ever lasted, ever succeeded, ever accomplished anything noteworthy - although military units have indeed left their mark on history, they leave far more destruction in their wake than anything good they might create, and ultimately, if they don't become the new government, they are simply pawns to clear the path for whoever does end up in power. Then we're right back to square one: they just don't last.

    None of this precludes cooperative interaction between individuals. Post-shift, I have no desire or intent to produce every last product I may need. I have every intent to barter, giving what I have in excess, receiving what I have need of. The downfall comes at the point where we lose our individual identity to the group. And this is where discussion becomes effectively impossible because, just as every pot addict is self-proclaimed as "only a recreational smoker who can easily stop any time but just doesn't want to," who risks arrest and jail every time their supply is replenished while fearing a simple speeding ticket with an amazing zeal, every person who has lost or sacrificed their individual identity to a group will claim that has not happened; they are as much an individual as anybody and there is no problem. It's simply a redefinition of the problem such that it ceases to be a problem: a form of "punishment" is called "remedial training" and it automatically becomes a positive. It's what people do best: redefine reality with lies and illusion.

    Again, I am simply in shock and awe that people are this dense, this unreachable, this impossible to get through to. But I suppose that's the nature of being an individual: very few people are going to share your viewpoint because that viewpoint will simply have no reality to them.

  • October 8, 2011 10:33 PM EDT
    Very well said. I agree completely with your perspective. Second time this month I agree completely with someone.
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    October 8, 2011 11:22 PM EDT

    I have read and re-read this post along with the one titled A Contrary Viewpoint. I even debated about commenting, but the result of that debate is obvious based on this reply. This reply is my opinion and reaction to what has been stated, and the way that it has been stated. It is somehow refreshing to read a post on this site that is both fear and ego based. Further, stating that those who believe in a collective consciousness to be dense and unreachable borders on arrogance. The logic that is presented in this post is very mind oriented. It comes across as being stuck in a set point of view with no flexibility.


    To be a part of the collective consciousness in no way diminishes my individuality. In fact the collective consciousness of the unified one is made stronger through the individuality of all who are a part of it. Being able to become joined to the unified one, requires that we all become the best that we can be. To view the unified one collective consciousness simply as a group is, in my opinion and belief, an error. To me the collective unified consciousness of the one is a symphony. We are all individual notes. A symphony cannot be without all of the individual notes.


    Further, the fact that there is a very good chance of there being a January 2013 and beyond changes nothing. Anyone who is so fixated on any kind of fixed land mark or point in time simply is missing the point of what it truly means to be awake. Elenin did not wreak havoc in late September, I am still here along with everyone else, and I still continue on my path of awakening.


    May we all find the truth along our individual paths. Peace be to us all!

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  • October 8, 2011 11:56 PM EDT
    And so Ed I agree with you as well. It has been my awareness and experience that with these mass shifts of awareness there is a time as Chris said that things do get better "for a time" As I see it so many of those that wake up shift the energies to such an extreme that there are so many people who have purified their vibrations that in some way they transition one way or another. The Mayans come to mind as an example. Therefore the void in the energies produced by this transitioning of consciousness opens the door for the other part that Chris said that it eventually goes back to square one. But minus the people who purified themselves and left here in some fashion.
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    October 9, 2011 12:05 PM EDT
    Ed Jones has given a perfect demonstration of my point. I adressed a concept; I was judged and condemed as an individual. I was declared to be ego-based, fear-based, inflexible, and "mind oriented" (for whatever that means). I will make no such personal judgements against Mr. Jones. Being an individual, I am free to think as one, and so I am free to choose not to attack people for having viewpoints that threaten my illusion. When the reaction exceeds the stimulus, we know we're hitting a nerve. There is no aspect of Mr. Jones' reply that does not apply to Mr. Jones; there is no aspect of his reply that he was not demonstrating himself.

    The individual is the ultimate threat to herd mentality. It is experienced as evil, invariably wrong, and a threat. It cannot be otherwise. The indvidual has no perceived threat. THAT is freedom.
  • December 20, 2011 11:53 PM EST
    Chris, being an individual and only serving self is a valid path but that path ultimately ends up AWEFULLY LONELY! An individual only serving self cannot create a society but can sure watch it go down the toilet -that is pretty clear from your dream! It is said that Earth splits into two timelines: service to self and service to others. Most end up on the service to self timeline, as that is how the majority on Earth are currently oriented. I personally do not think that this needs to be the case: if only individuals like yourself can understand the necessity for Love before it is too late. Tell me, did you feel any compassion for those who were searching for the food upon reflection of your dream? Or did you feel the desire to lecture them about the stupidity of following the herd? Are you SO sure that the Universe doesn't center itself around your emotional strength/weakness? ;) Look, I'm not trying to piss you off with my questions -I'm merely trying to help you understand the trajectory of your thinking, as we are becoming conscious creators of our REALITY in 2012. Let me just add this one other thought given your response to Ed: you better get comfortable with the idea of cannibalism or starvation -you will have complete freedom to choose! BTW, I state this as an unique individual who is interested in forming a society of unique individuals based in love for one another! :)
  • December 20, 2011 11:57 PM EST
    Chris, do you wanna help me build that society? I could use a good cinic! :)
  • February 3, 2012 5:01 PM EST
    Interesting discussion, I can see the differing viewpoints. They make me think, and wonder, which is a very good thing. Seeing different views is very helpful.

    It does seem that the group dynamic does eventually fall apart, but that's mainly because, in my view, those people are depending on one another, not putting their whole heart into it. That's why their efforts diminish.

    The value of the individual must be preserved, and be balanced with the value of the group. I love the analogy of the symphany- it's a perfect example.

    So, as I see it, in a world of self-serving people, the group dynamic will always fall apart. In a service to others society, the group will stay strong, because each individual will be giving their whole selves. They will always be Unique individuals, who will still have the capacity to do great things on their own; their contributions will be of great value, yet they will still have the power of the collective energies of the group. The reason this will be possible is because there'll be no ego, as there is now.
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