Welcome to the Community Connector!

Greetings One... and All, It is with humble hearts and much gratitude that we announce our newly formed partnership with the conscious-minded Social Network Iparte (IShare), who, in keeping with their name, have generously offered to share their Social Platform so that together, we may achieve our mutual goal of connecting, communicating and collaborating with you, and others around the world; to learn how we may be of greatest service to the Earth, and All, in these times of great change... and opportunity.

We want you to know that the Community Connector belongs to its members, and we as moderators open the door for a continuous dialogue with you, where we can hear your thoughts on how we may develop the site into the most effective tool possible for connecting and communicating. That said, we invite you to please take a look around the site, and share your "First Impressions and Suggestions" by clicking the Discussions tab and entering your thoughts under "First Impressions & Suggestions."

We also invite anyone who is interested in working with us, in the co-creation and management of the site and global connection strategies (site promotions & strategies, moderating forums, chatrooms & online workshops, as well as dreaming up other ways that we could use this site to connect and share with others) to please contact us at: AwakeningAsOne@gmail.com

About The Connector

You'll see that the Community Connector is a very open platform compared to facebook, with its default settings allowing everyone to see each other's postings, and profiles, as well as their online chat status. The reason that we've done this is because we believe that everyone who comes to the Community Connector is coming with heart and Spirit, and that everyone will respect each other. And if any member is disrespectful, we can simply encourage them to show respect, or we can delete their membership. Also, anyone who does not agree with the open platform can go into their privacy settings and fully customize them to their own liking.

Check it out. Read some strangers' posts, see who you're vibing with. Make some friends. Join a chat. Start a Discussion. Ask yourself "what can i learn from this person?"

We also invite you to friend "Awakening As One" on the Community Connector, so we can easily communicate and connect with you. We look forward to taking this next step in increasing connectivity and collaboration, together.

Have Faith, for we are... Awakening As One.