911 Hello Mr.God

“911, Hello Mr. God” is a book that has been channeled over the last three years. I am sure we have predefined meanings for the word “channeled.” Most may think of a person going into a trance and allowing energies to enter the body. This is not the type of channeling that I was led to do. When I channel with Mr. God I am consciously channeling direct with pure, clean universal energy. I am not taken over by any spirits. Nor am I placed in trance. I simply connect my soul to Mr. God and communicate. This is something each of us is capable of doing. We are all built with a direct link or channel to universal source energy, Mr. God’s energy. Channeling can be viewed as the soul’s communication to the pure, clean, harmonized universal energy.

Everyone is able to channel, however many do not use this natural birth given ability. I am sure you are familiar with the word and phrase “intuition” or “inner voice.” You may have felt this voice inside of you as a whisper. It takes many forms ranging from thoughts to feelings to physical effects on the body. This inner voice may have caused a stomach ache or brought about a bad feeling right before something dramatic occurs. When this inner voice speaks, it is a sign from the spiritual world that we need to pay attention. Your inner voice speaks to you in the background of the chattering human mind in subtle ways.


Working with your intuition is the first step towards following and channeling energy. The second step is TRUST. Channeling means consciously connecting to the inner voice and asking it to guide you through life so that you may experience the highest and best outcome for each situation. You have been given a life to LOVE and ENJOY! A life full of trouble and chaos will bring forth anger and depression over time. Listening to the inner voice and trusting this voice are the tools needed to begin the process of transformation to a simple, easy and smooth life. We are often influenced by energies that are outside of ourselves that place us in the middle of a chaotic storm. Or we can choose to listen, trust and follow our inner voice so that we may safely pass through the storm.


There is one more point I would like to clarify. As you read you will find many references to God or Mr. God. I understand that many people are almost allergic to the word “God.” I personally believe that religion created this distaste towards hearing or using the word God. Too often religion is used as a tool or as a virus that plagues our human consciousness towards God and each other. Religion has been used as a form of control. “Don’t do this or God will be angry.” Religion has even dictated what we can do to our bodies. If you a pregnant female, out of wedlock and choose to have an abortion you are labeled a sinner and you are going to hell. Mr. God does not have any judgments as we have been led to believe by many religious institutions. Going to hell is furthest from the truth. Hell is an emotionally painful place that we have chosen to create here on Earth.

Over the past 20 centuries, countless numbers of people have died in the name of God. This is yet another reason why many of us have turned our backs to Mr. God. This is not the fault of God but of a few powerful men who have manipulated religion and God’s name to gain control. I grew up in a strict religion in a communistic country and now as an adult have found that many of the teachings created blockages for me. I was taught to be humble. To always be polite and kind. I was taught to never to pray for money. For many years I never prayed for money or asked for help. I felt as if I was allergic to the thought of praying for money. During a channeling session I got a clear message from Mr. God. He questioned me, “If you never ask; then how will you receive?” It took me a while to learn that money is not evil and that there is nothing wrong with asking Mr. God for help, even with money. In God’s eyes it is simple energy. In the human world we experience energy as being separate. The energy of money, food, electricity, etc… all appear to be separate. The separation of energy is an illusion. In the spiritual world all energy comes from one source, Mr. God.