Oklahoma Blues_Bret Learns To Play Harmonica (A Little)

Who Knew I'd end up in Oklahoma?


This is a special recording with my friend's Dad where he teaches/allows me to be comfortable playing the harmonica for the first time infront of another musician. Honestly, it's priceless to me!


 My Integral Revolution Has Begun

A Holographic Economy IS Born



First and Foremost... 33% of my sales will be donated directly back to Iparte...


Second... 57% will be transferred directly to my Nonprofit Spiritual Philanthropy Foundation called The Moksha Foundation...


Third... the remaining 10% goes to me for personal use.


This song, You Are The Only Thing That's Blooming, is a demo and will be part of the mental health record project I am launching on Kickstarter early in the new year. It's probaby my personal favorite song among my demos called A Collection of Great Beginnings and the 'theme' song for the Moksha Foundation. YOU ARE THE ONLY THING THAT'S BLOOMING-- YOU ARE THE ONLY LIGHT THAT SHINES... That applies to every one of God's Children!!!


This is a test and my products will span the spectrum from profane to profound. Please understand that the pricing will also span the spectrum and some items, like this song, will be priced above normal and other below. Basically, I am reinvesting/recirculating the resources back to philanthropic projects like Iparte so I may feel that $10 for a song is a bargain.


If anyone is interested.. how about this.. I will send you the lyrics and chords and if you honestly record a version/cover of the song I will buy it back for $10 and then place your version in the marketplace at whatever price and terms we can agree on.. SUSTAINABLE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will be including more soon about The Moksha Foundation but for now you are welcome to visit the site-in-progress at



There is a private page there called Project Venture Philanthropy Proposal_ Type 1 Roadshow which is private because it's a draft but if you are interested, the password is.. pi ...


Be Well Everyone...