What Would Jesus REALLY Do? Christ's Teachings, Good vs Evil & The Kingdom Of God

  • Posted December 30, 2012 in 1 S.O.U.L. store
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“The Truth Shall Make You Free!”


Jesus is one of the earliest proponents of peace, non-violence and civil disobedience. Yet his life, actions and stories were often a paradox confusing to many who didn’t understand the deeper meaning of his parables. Many believe Jesus offered general moral codes to the masses to live by and yet taught a much deeper and higher truth to this closest disciples who had proven they were ready to hear his message.


The many years after Jesus’ death and resurrection were identified with mass confusion over the Christ’s teachings, his expected return and the foundation of what many believed was his church. There was much turmoil between the Jews and Gentiles, the mystics and the orthodox, the early Christians and the Roman Empire.


Yet many churches, institutions and governments would go on to “conquer the world” in the name of Jesus. Is this what Jesus asked of his followers? Did he intend for his teachings to become part of the largest religion on Earth? Or are many still missing his higher truth that he taught his disciples?


Leo Tolstoy, the author of the famous novel “War and Peace,” was also instrumental in his writings on Christian beliefs. His writings along with Henry David Thoreau and others would influence the greats like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who would go on to lead millions in non-violence movements and acts of civil disobedience under suppression of unjust governments.


This is one of the leading works that help to lay that foundation but more importantly goes further to show how man must incorporate Jesus’ teachings in his personal life for spiritual growth, development and the realization that the Kingdom of God is within you! Jesus’ teachings can be applied differently in different situations when facing good and evil. This is what it means to have True Wisdom according to the Serenity Prayer. The question then becomes more relevant than ever... “What would Jesus REALLY do?”


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